Baseball Swing In Golf (DIY Project Download)

I’ve frequently had students berate themselves for having played too much baseball or softball and thereby messing up their golf swings. When you swing your club like a baseball bat, your forearm naturally turns over and squares the face. Try this with your practice swing to create less tension and keep the club face square so you don’t slice the ball. Question at bottom if you want to skip my rambling. I’ve been playing golf for about 3 months and I’d like to change my swing. A while back I started on a quest to cure my slice by going back and changing my grip, alignment.

baseball swing in golf 2Tommy grew up in South Carolina playing baseball, and when he began learning golf he simply tweaked his baseball swing to be able to hit a golf ball. You won’t believe how far Chicago Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber can hit a golf ball — with a baseball swing. Check out the latest Golf Digest baseball swing articles & photos to stay up-to-date on all of your favorite golf news, tips, players & more.

Hi I just started golf and was wondering how I should envision hitting the ball, I was practicing and noticed I was using two main frames of mind. 09.24.09: MLB Tonight’s Barry Larkin and John Hart compare swinging a golf club to swinging a baseball bat. Bradley Hughes discusses the similaries between the golf swing and the baseball swing action.

The Strangest Golf Swings

My initial thought is always, I wish you had a baseball swing, because it would help you play better golf. While golf and baseball have many differences, there are some important similarities when it comes to swinging the baseball bat and the golf club. Our free Zepp Baseball and Zepp Golf apps show you the swings of pro players in HD video and let you compare your swing to theirs. Download now. J.B.’s position at the top of his backswing looks like a baseball player at the plate, complete with flying elbows. It’s not a long swing like, say, Phil Mickelson or even Adam Scott. The golf swing is just the baseball swing going after a really low pitch. Old-school golfers used to jump-start their golf swing by rocking their weight to their front foot so they could then rock back to their back foot. I firmly believe that the weight transfer required for a good golf swing runs contradictory to keeping your weight back for a good baseball swing. No doubt that there are a few front foot baseball swings (obviously Ichiro and Clemente) but those batting styles have become more rare. World No 1 golfer opens up on training technique used to improve her swing as she starts her 2016 campaign.

Should A Golf Swing Feel Like A Pendulum Or Like Swinging A Baseball Bat?

Golf Channel Academy Lead Coach Cathy MacPherson says a baseball swing can do wonders for your golf swing. The golf swing and baseball swing are very similar, contrary to what people may believe, playing baseball isn’t going to hurt your golf-swing. The notion that playing golf can ruin your baseball swing or that playing baseball can ruin your golf swing because the swings are so different is a fallacy. In fact, the baseball/softball and golf swings are almost identical, as reading the Foreword and supporting quotes on this site’s home page explain.