Baskets For Billy Bookcases (DIY Project Download)

The sturdy KNAGGLIG storage crates come in two sizes that can be stacked on top of each other. Add a lick of paint to make the boxes your own, or treat them with oil or glaze to prepare them for the outdoors. Small Storage. Storage you can show off. It’s one thing to hide away your clutter. But why should you have to hide the storage, too? Small storage that’s as stylish as it is functional can easily share shelf space with your favourite things. Add to basket Save to list. BILLY bookcase, oak veneer Width: 80 cm Depth: 28 cm Height: 202.

baskets for billy bookcases 2I went and had a look at the Billy bookcases at IKEA and they looked like a good option. Are there nice ikea decorator baskets that fit on them for storage? Now that we had our great new bookshelves and all of the toys out of the living room, we were in need of some bins and baskets to organize everything. If any one has any photos of their billy book case with craft stuff on that would be fab too thankyou in advance. My billy(s) are choc full of craft stuff!! the little DVD sized ones are great for 6×6 papers and dies most of my craft stuff is in storage boxes, most fir but mine are all diff makes and colours.

New Ikea Kassett Storage Boxes Fits Billy Bookcase, Expedit Shelves CD DVD Game in Home, Furniture & DIY, Storage Solutions, Storage Boxes eBay. See more about Billy Bookcases, Ikea Billy Bookcase and Ikea Billy. These baskets are ideal for closet storage, bookcases or any craft room.

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garage door safety sensor not working 3Billy Ikea bookshelves: organizing pantry with baskets and glass jars See more about Pantries, Glass Jars and Billy Bookcases. The don’t have anything narrow enough. Is there a link? All Billys are now 11 inches, used to have the 15 inch option 10-1-2014 11:42am. What happened when we let the cream of up-and-coming British design talent loose on three basic pieces from the Scandinavian home-furnishing giant?. Making An Ikea Bookcase Look Built In (& Painting The Back) Young House Love. DIY Ikea Playroom Built in Billy Bookcase. I’m not just talking about actual unpacking of boxes but trying to figure out where everything will go. A new house means a new layout and that means that every room needs to be designed with our current decor and new things I pick up to compliment what I already have. Didn’t manage to get in Ikea yesterday due to the huge queue, but looking on the website the only boxes that will fit are the DVD ones, and I need some big enough to get magazines and catalogues in.

New Ikea Kassett Storage Boxes Fits Billy Bookcase, Expedit Shelves Cd Dvd Game

I love the idea of baskets to corral like things together. Tweet0. entryway cubbies IKEA BILLY hack. Materials: Billy bookcases, Blecka hooks, Byholma baskets, Tosig soft toy frog. Billy bookcases.