Bed Bugs At College (DIY Project Download)

Anyway, sky-high college costs and technological advances may have brought today’s college first-years (a safer term) dorm comfort, but our general environment has brought an UNcomfortable scourge: bedbugs. I thought I was being cautious before about bedbugs, but this information has raised my defense level several notches. This specific bed bug page is devoted to bed bug infestations in colleges and universities but the information is applicable to any residence hall based housing. Tips for college students to avoid bed bugs in college dorm rooms and while traveling. Find additional tips and information about college dorm room bed bug products that can be used to keep college students safe from bed bugs.

bed bugs at college 2It’s the most dreaded phone call the parent of a college student could ever get. Bedbugs have risen in the public’s consciousness faster than Lady Gaga. Bed Bugs. A Guide for Residents in the College Houses. Though it is unclear how and why bed bugs have recently reappeared, many experts agree that increased travel and mobility could be major contributors. Ehrlich Pest Control offers bed bug prevention tips for college kids returning to college campuses this fall.

Universities are vigilant and nothing ruins a college’s good name faster than the press talking about their residence halls having bed bugs. Rest assured your college does not want bed bugs, but at the same time it is hard to know which student introduced them to the dorm or which room they originated in. Bed bugs are a problem on many college campuses. Try these tips to keep bed bugs from coming home with your college student. As soon as any member of the university community suspects that bed bugs may be present in their room, apartment, office or common space the Residence Director (RD) should be informed, so a work order can be submitted to Facilities Management.

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bed bugs at college 3The most recent case of bed bugs was reported on October 1 after a student staying in a four-person suite at Rockefeller College’s Holder Hall noticed what appeared to be a bed bug infestation on a piece of personal furniture brought into the suite, Princeton University spokesman Martin Mbugua said in an e-mail today. Prevent bed bugs in college dorms from coming home. Rose Pest Solutions advocates vigilance as students return to college campuses. When bed bugs infest dorms, your first reactions may not be the best reactions. So often college kids are given advice on what they should do so here at Plunkett’s Pest Control we are bucking that trend and want to offer up a few pearls of wisdom regarding bed bugs and what you should NOT do. Not to mention that college campuses seem to be having a big problem with bed bugs. I found this website and read about other college students who have had this problem, and it sounds like the admins in their school don’t take them too seriously and don’t treat the problem correctly. But how much do college students actually know about bed bugs, how to detect them, and what to do in the case of an infestation? According to an interview done by NBC back in 2008, apparently not enough!. READING, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In spite of growing public awareness of infestation of bed bugs, and how to eliminate the problem, there continues to be reports of bed bugs on college campuses across the nation.

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You are fully equipped with a new bed-set and a car full of clothes and DVDs. Oh, almost forgot the bed bugs. Now your college experience is complete. And at Nebraska, dozens of dorm rooms have been found to have bedbugs. The insects’ resurgence has caused headaches at colleges and hotels in recent years after they were nearly eradicated by pesticides. The staff of Columbia Housing and Facilities is committed to an effective and efficient response to students who suspect they may have bed bugs. Though it is unclear how and why bed bugs have recently reappeared, many experts agree that increased travel and mobility could be major contributors.

Learn how to recognize, prevent and treat a bedbug infestation in your college dorm room. Cowleys Pest Services specializes in bed bug treatment in Trenton, Trenton and nearby. Tales From A Bed Bug Survivor. How did you first discover you had bed bugs? My boyfriend had been getting about one bite each night for a couple of weeks. July, August and September bring a seasonal surge of bedbug reports due to warm weather. College campuses, where students live in close quarters, also see bedbug incidents, though large outbreaks are rare, White said. College officials and experts work to limit bedbugs’ itchy, scratchy campus appearances.