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Unfortunately, discarding the mattress and the box spring rarely solves the problem and new beds that are purchased and brought into the home often become infested by bugs that were still present in the structure. Once zippered closed, any surviving bed bugs will eventually starve. You will need an encasement for each mattress and box-spring in your home. If there are bed bugs in your mattress or box-spring they will start to die within two weeks, inside an encasement, but encasements should be left on for at least a year. Buy BedBug SecureSleep Box Spring Protector at

bed bugs box spring 2I have not seen any more bugs and no bites. I am inspecting the best I can, but just how do you inspect a box spring? I bought the Protect-a-Bed case, but don’t know how to correctly put it on yet, and I don’t think my PCO will help. Our Box Spring Encasements provide the ultimate protection and are guaranteed to protect you and your mattress from bed bugs. Choose from a twin to a Cal King. Consider encasing both the mattress and box spring in a protective cover like those used for allergy relief to eliminate access to your mattress by bed bugs.

The common questions are often asked prior to purchasing our bed bug encasements: If I encase the mattress do I really need to encase the box spring? Protect every part of your bedding. This box spring encasement keeps bed bugs from entering or escaping. In white. SafeRest bed bug proof box spring encasements were specifically designed from beginning to end for bed bugs, allergy relief and fluid protection. Buy your box spring encasement today!.

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Visit The Home Depot to buy Orkin Bed Bug Protection Mattress and Box Spring Encasement Queen Size Set 845168002127. The Bed Bug Boxspring Protector is a bed bug mattress protector that prevents bed bugs, dust mites, and more. This box spring cover fits any standard size. Stand up the box spring and shine a flashlight through the gauze fabric to expose bed bugs. If the fabric is torn (possible hiding place), remove fabric to prepare for spraying. Keep your bed safe from unwanted bed bugs, dust mites, pollen, and their allergens with the Bed Bug box spring protector from the Martha Stewart Collection. Shop for Protect-A-Bed Bug-proof Box Spring Encasement. Free Shipping on orders over 45 at – Your Online Mattress Pads & Toppers Store! The BedBug SecureSleep Box Spring Protector is an excellent way to ensure reliable and lasting protection for any mattress. It combines neat and simple aesthetics with great utility value.

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Protect yourself more fully from bed bug infestations with a Protect-A-Bed box spring cover. High quality, certified 100 bed bug proof boxspring covers to protect your boxspring against bed bug infestation.