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The chi entering through the window will disrupt sleep. Don’t block a window with your bed in front of it. Don’t face a bathroom door. If you have no choice, keep the bathroom door closed at all times. Posts about Bed faces bathroom door written by happyhomemaker88. 3) when we sleep, our head is facing our inauspicious KUA direction. The BMP will compensate for those shortfalls and give us the desired support. For example, if you can only sleep with your feet facing the door to be in a really solid position in your bedroom, then so it shall be. The only rules I truly don t like to break are sharing a bed wall with a bathroom and sleeping directly beneath beams, and both can be corrected depending on your situation.

bed facing bathroom door 2Avoid ceiling fans overhead in the bedroom, especially over the bed. If the bathroom door is facing to the bed directly, ensure that the bathroom door is closed all the time. It might be helpful to know that perfect feng shui bedrooms are hard to find. Just like anything perfect, really. This can be a good starting point in changin.

I know that they close the bathroom door, but the energy line is still there. The bathroom door is not squarely in front of the toilet bowl and tank. Sharing the same wall as the bathroom door- Do not sleep with your headboard at a wall connecting with the bathroom, especially if the sink, toilet, bathtub, or shower is just behind you. 8. mirrors facing the bed- Mirrors facing the bed is the most common feng shui bed placement tabboo. Place Head of Bed Against the Wall Opposite from the Door. If your bed shares a wall with the toilet, you will be able to hear the flushing of the toilet and the water moving through the pipes.

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bed facing bathroom door 3I have heard that it is really bad feng shui to have the bed facing the bathroom door. My bed not only faces the bathroom door directly, can you please help me with some easy feng shui tips?. As I remember, if the toilet door face directly to the bed is not good in Fengshui. It’s very tough to handle this problem now in my flat, the door of toile. 3: En-suite bathroom, a real taboo in most books, we have been to homes that have the most magnificent en-suite bathrooms and the occupants do not even use it because of what they have read or been told, remember two thousand years ago homes did not have bathrooms or toilets inside the home, so why now is it bad Feng Shui? The only thing you have to remember is all bathrooms should have the door closed at all times and it is kept clean, other than that do not worry if your head is facing the bathroom wall, your luck will not be affected at all. 6: Do not sleep with your feet facing towards a door, this is known as the coffin position’ and speaks for itself. Francisco Grande Hotel & Golf Resort, Casa Grande Picture: Bathroom door facing bed directly – Check out TripAdvisor members’ 803 candid photos and videos of Francisco Grande Hotel & Golf Resort. A headboard facing away from the main door, or a bed angled precisely perpendicular to the door each create a placement problem with different consequences for chi, or energy, flow. An en suite bathroom door should be kept closed, and it’s best to regard it the same way you do the main door when placing your bed. If ones bed room door is facing the toilet door, one of the remedies that the masters advise on using is to hang a wind chime in between so that the good qi does not get flushed down the toilet.

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Equally, sleeping directly opposite the toilet door (if you have an ensuite) is again not good bedroom Feng Shui. Mirrors facing the bed is a Feng Shui bedroom No-No. Your bed should not be aligned with any door, whether it be the bathroom door, bedroom door, or closet door. You want to create an invisible division between the bathroom and the bedroom once you move your bed to the best place possible. Facing the bathroom door to sleep. Front of bathroom door is not healthy to sleep, especially for women to have a gynecological problems. 2.