Bed Frame With Lights (DIY Project Download)

bed frame with lights 1

This DIY bed uses LED lights to look like it is levitating midair. Is it magic? Nope! It is a crazy clever DIY to make a bed look like it is floating. Optical illusions, my friends. These plans can be modified to fit any bed size and make for some truly unique bedroom furniture!. Pallet beds are all the rage right now as they give a rustic and raw feel to a bedroom. Here’s an idea though: LED pallet beds. A glowing bed frame!

bed frame with lights 2I split the strand with a switch so the top and bottom lights can be toggled on/off independently. Wait Till You See How He Did The Lights. This particular project, which is a floating bed that is totally under lit and totally awesome, is one of them. When I think of bed frames I traditionally think of your normal wooden frame that the box spring and mattress sit on and then maybe a foot and head board.

Buy Disney – Cars Lightning McQueen Twin Bed with Lights at Lastly, there is no bottom to this bed – it’s an open frame that encloses the four sides of a mattress/boxspring set. Checkout this DIY pallet bed frame and headboard with LED’s, really a brilliant bed design with cozy and fashionable statement! LED light spread is sure going. I bought a light chain and put it under the bed. (When we cast the concrete slab we made sure to fix a number of electrical plugs in the floors, even one under the bed. Totally love this DIY Bed frame and the lights just add some ambiance to it.

Herringbone Bed Frame With Secret Door And Led Lights