Bed Headboard Bolts (DIY Project Download)

Bed Shop Online is your one-stop online shop for quality beds, bedroom furniture and bed accessories. SEALY Headboard Bolt. Fitting a headboard to your bed couldn’t be simpler. If you have misplaced the divan headboard bolts for the headboard, don’t panic, we sell them in our shop. However, this headboard hardware works for most beds in which the headboard is bolted on. We are not responsible if this hardware does not fit your particular bed.

bed headboard bolts 2Attach your headboard to a bed frame using these 4 inch carriage bolts. I just finished my version of the low modern headboard today, and it’s drying. Would it be best to use long bolts and try to bolt from the inside of the bed into the frame legs?

4 Inch Bolts For Headboard

Headboard Bolts