Bed Placement North South (DIY Project Download)

Correct feng shui bed placement can help you limit losses and misfortunes and Bad people working against you. East, South, North And South East are good for you if your kua numbers are 1, 3, 4 or 9. For example, you can place your bed either facing East, South East, West, North West or South West for best results. What you should avoid instead is placing your sleeping quarters in bad positions for Feng Shui, such as North, North East and South. Does the position in which you sleep actually affect the amount and quality of sleep that you have?. However, in the case of Feung Shui, you might change the direction of your bed depending upon whether you wanted to improve your health, prosperity or your relationship.

bed placement north south 2In the southern hemisphere, don’t put your head to the south. In India, the culture has always said that when you wake up, you must roll to your right side and then get out of bed. I switched from head to North to a head to East orientation after reading this article. In order to enjoy sound sleep, one must have a bedroom with a peaceful environment. Sleeping in the wrong direction can also cause health problems. The head should never be towards north while sleeping. Never sleep with the head towards the north because the magnetic field of the earth lies in a north-south direction energy levels can be thrown out of balance by this strong field. This can be prevented by rotating the head position to south. Vasthu Sastra recommends the right location or quadrant a couple should sleep in. Question: I want to position my bed according to Feng Shui. At the moment it directly faces the door which is not good, but on the other two walls ar.

The sleeping position is the body configuration assumed by a person during or prior to sleeping. Feng shui also factors in the configuration of the bedroom in the positioning of the bed. Traditionally it is believed that the person who sleeps should not place his head to north. Some people say it is good to avoid head to the south. The title says it all. What’s everyone’s thoughts on what direction the hugelkultur beds face? Is it better to go north/south so both sides get sun? O. Feng Shui Bed Placement: Your Confusion Is Almost Over! Teri January 18, 2015 at 3:22 pm My new bedroom has corner windows faceing north and west. entrance door is on the east side, but the south has closet door and bathroom door.

Sleeping Positions: Why North Is Not The Best Direction

East Life people favor north, south, east and southeast directions for their bed, while the West Life group favors the opposite. It may be possible that the best direction is different for each individual or that other things such as placement of bed with respect to bedroom walls, doors and windows is more important. Interestingly the bed was facing North or South. After listening to a mystic about never sleeping facing the north i changed my position with head facing east and God did i wake up with an intense drowsy feeling inspite of having more hours of sleep than i usually have when sleeping towards the north. How an ideal sleeping room or bedroom should be? Head in South: As per sleeping direction vastu, this is the BEST DIRECTION to keep head. As per vastu placing head in North is not recommended; rest you can place your head in any direction, each direction has it’s own benefits. When we lay our heads on the north side, the two positive sides repel each other and there is a struggle between the two. Earth’s magnetic field is in North-South direction and this retards the blood flow through brain capillaries and affect the functioning of brain cells. Something about the magnetic pull of the North or South pole pulling on the fluid in the brain. It took me an embarrassingly long time – I was living on my own as an adult, had moved into a new apartment, and was stressing over bed placement – to realize that those words of wisdom likely had everything to do with the poorly insulated windows in my family home than any sort of magical decorating rules. In the last issue we discussed Feng Shui recommendations for the bedroom. A person’s most beneficial direction is equally applicable with the position of one’s desk or any other area a person spends a concentrated amount of quality time. The EAST Group includes North, South, East and SouthEast, the WEST Group covers West, NorthWest, SouthWest and SouthEast.

Sleeping Positions

Where you place the bed directly impacts your health, wealth and. Bed 1. This has the optimal feng shui placement. Although the bed is on the opposite wall from the door, the bed itself is not in line with the door. You write that you should sleep north to south. In fact, I caution that you shouldn’t go for the north-south sleeping alignment if you would be violating other feng shui principles for auspicious bed placement. Recently we bought new bed and changed the direction towards north. Some say that sleeping with your head oriented to the North results in horrible dreams and exhaustion. Sleep cycles, in which dreams occur, compared with North-South sleepers who got more REM sleep.

The book instructs placing the bed so that the head points north and the feet point south. That is the full direction according to the Shulchan Aruch. Her best directions are the East group of: South, North, South-East and East.