Bed Stuy Do Or Die Mural (DIY Project Download)

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BedfordStuyvesant is a neighborhood of 153,000 inhabitants in the north central portion of the New York City borough of Brooklyn. In March 2005 a campaign was launched to supplant the Bed-Stuy, Do-or-Die slogan with Bed-Stuy, and Proud of It. Q. On a street corner in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, is a faded mural boasting ”Brooklyn’s Own Mike Tyson.” Given the boxer’s recent history, wouldn’t somebody want to take it down? A. Across the street from the Tyson mural on the northwest corner is another mural painted for the movie, showing a man, a woman, the Jamaican, Puerto Rican and American flags, and the phrase ”Do or Die Bed-Stuy.”. Cast & Crew, Contact Info, Trailer – Synopsis: This powerful documentary takes viewers deep into the gritty streets of Bed-Stuy with a group of modern-day heroes from the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulan.

bed stuy do or die mural 2Kristian Sanford contemplates the subjects and gradual decay of memorial murals in Bed-Stuy and considers how time simultaneously erodes and enhances these very personal but highly public artworks. I’m truly at a loss as to how he died or what he did to be remembered on this wall. The history of Bed-Stuy’s rise to one of Brooklyn’s top neighborhoods. From Bed-Stuy Do or Die to Do or Dine? We will see blocks with notable architecture, as well as those that contain other indications of history, such as murals and churches and stores. We’ll see several murals that reflect different phases of Bed-Stuy.

This colorful mural can be seen at the corner of Nostrand and Greene avenues. See all the lists featuring ODB Mural, including RIP Rapper Murals, Bed Stuy, Bed Stuy, I Do, Fort Greene/Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy, and Chloe’s to-do list. When Women Pursue Justice, a mural featuring female leaders, is set for demolition in coming months. She died in 2005, just before the mural’s completion.

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do or die bed stuy divine sounds 3Posts about murals written by B. Alyssa Trofort. Tags: bed-stuy, brooklyn, do or die, eastern district grand tent, grand united order of tents of brooklyn, murals, new york, nostrand ave, ny, photography, pit bull, street, street photography. Another great mural in Brooklyn is in Bed-Stuy itself, at the corner of Franklin and Dekalb Avenues. It’s more realistic than Quinones’ portrait, but isn’t quite as prominent on the street:. Many did murals of hip-hop legends like Biggie. See here. Former WWE Wrestler Joanie Laurer Died From. I mean, is your neighborhood safer now than it was or do more kids have guns? I mean, people in my community don’t die every day. This is the last mural right here: Timothy Stansbury a.k.a. Drag. But then there’s the original mural he uncovered in the foyer after peeling back the wallpaper. Or the careful carvings out of wood that would be nearly impossible to source today. I spent two weeks in NYC staying in Bedstuy with Camilla and Corey. It was an awesome place. It is the neighbourhood where Biggie, Jay Z, Mos Def, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Talib Kweli, Big Daddy Kane, GZA and a bunch of other famous African American entertainers grew up.

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