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Bedford Stuyvesant. Ranked 30th best neighborhood in Brooklyn. There are extensive bus routes throughout the neighborhood making Bed Stuy a very transportation friendly community. Ben Stuy has 22 public elementary schools, 5 public junior highs, and 4 public high schools. On a single street, brownstone by brownstone, gentrification and race are colliding, making Bed-Stuy locals wonder what kind of block will be left when it all shakes out. But as in many neighborhoods, one’s sense of security is a block-to-block proposition. Though she’d lived in Harlem for three years and felt comfortable there, she’d heard nothing good about Bed-Stuy. I have found an apartment rental for a month in Bed-Stuy (specifically Decatur and Throop) that fits into my budget (2500) and a friend will check out for me next week to make sure everything is on the up and up.

bed stuy good neighborhood 2Bed-Stuy is a big neighborhood in central Brooklyn with lots of diverse enclaves. Learn what parts of the neighborhood are the safest places for families. Tips for Asking a Good Question. It’s in Bedford-Stuyvesant, though, a neighbourhood with quite a reputation. I lived there for five years and never had a physical incident, but there were times when it felt unsafe. it’s definitely not the same Bed Stuy from the 80s, but it still has elements of it. Bedford-Stuyvesant, popularly known as Bed-Stuy (sounds like: Bed-Sty), is located in central Brooklyn and nudges up against ultra-hip Williamsburg. A historic neighborhood that boasts both pristine brownstones and unkempt storefronts, generations-old Bed-Stuy residents share their streets with newcomers and hip kids. The best Italian Restaurant, Saraghina, in Brooklyn is one block away.

My first morning in Bed-Stuy was the most amazing morning of my life. I sat on the stoop and watched as the neighborhood stretched and yawned. The sun peeked over the brownstones, as weed smoke wafted through the air like the smell of breakfast bacon. Only now has it become a place on people’s radars for good reasons, and that isn’t because good didn’t exist there before. It’s because. The neighborhood is listed as Bed-Stuy. Ummmm.. it isn’t the best neighborhood (in my opinion). It isn’t the best neighborhood (in my opinion). If you’re moving for good, then there are specific issues to consider, like commute to work and stuff (the G is not the most reliable train; it’s also the only train that does not go to Manhattan). BedfordStuyvesant is a neighborhood of 153,000 inhabitants in the north central portion of the New York City borough of Brooklyn. There is a solid tradition of private home ownership, good schools and air that is relatively free of smoke. To that effect, both the Fulton Street and Nostrand Avenue commercial corridors became part of the Bed-Stuy Gateway Business Improvement District, bringing along with it a beautification project that provides various pedestrian and landscape improvements.

Train: What Parts Of Bed-stuy Are Good For Families?

bed stuy good neighborhood 3To sum up Bedford-Stuyvesant as yet another stunning Brooklyn brownstone neighborhood falling victim to gentrification would be to deny the vitality and tenaciousness of a community with deep cultural and historic roots in the area. We have friends who are comparable to us, meaning they have two good jobs, living in Dumbo and could afford a townhouse, but they’ve been priced out, literally, trying to come to Bed-Stuy, Mr. Lugo said. The sprawling Brooklyn neighborhood known as Bedford-Stuyvesant, or Bed Stuy, is comprised of two historically different areas, Bedford and the historically more upscale Stuyvesant. Parts of the neighborhood are landmarked so the remarkable late-19th century feel of this area will be preserved. Im a 21-year old art student moving to bed-stuy with a 22 year old female friend. i’ve read up on the area and know its not the safest. Probably the best idea for anyone asking about a neighborhood in NYC instead of asking on a board. A & A’s doubles have all the elements of good street-food; inexpensive, easy to handle, and fresh. Traditionally served as a breakfast food, it would be in the hungry patron’s best interest to get there early before they run out!. The New York City neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, I’d heard, was still a little rough, but the sign was unlike anything I’d seen outside of Wild West movies. For New Yorkers who were around during the 1980s, Bed-Stuy was synonymous with gang violence, guns, crack and prostitution, and these associations still hold for many. Prices in Bedford-Stuyvesant have gone up so much that investors are bailing out, a trend that could finally allow people who actually want to live in the neighborhood to buy there. With rents starting to stabilize, investors who bid up Bed-Stuy prices for the last few years no longer see enough potential upside to buying there a shift that temporarily halts one of the speediest processes of gentrification the city has seen in recent years.

A Bed-stuy State Of Mind: Gentrification Shaken And Stirred

And as part of the process, thousands of blacks are being priced out of the neighborhood they once proudly called their own, seeking more affordable spaces in the more eastern parts of Brooklyn, like Canarsie or Brownsville; or the Poconos, Georgia or the Carolinas. An increase in the black population of the Rockaways suggests some Bed-Stuy blacks may even be moving to where Moses originally wanted them to go. I’m contemplating getting an apartment there (the rent is really good) but I’ve heard some mixed things about it. The area around the Nostrand Avenue stop is one of the more gentrified parts of BedStuy but you have to realize that, as a whole, the neigborhood is still up and coming. Remember that tony Brooklyn neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Cobble Hill and Fort Greene were all once rough places. Cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, good bar food (locals swear by their fried chicken), baskets of party mix on the bar, and a great jukebox make Tip-Top a neighborhood staple. For decades, Bed-Stuy’s nickname, Do or Die, perfectly captured the spirit of the place: it was a neighborhood of entrenched black poverty, mean streets, meaner housing projects, and a homicide rate that had reporters using war metaphors.

Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Bushwick, East New York, Red Hook, Sunset Park, and Borough Park are areas that are not necessary to go through unless you’re just commuting through there. Owners see that prices are good, they’ve been good for a few years now and who knows where they’ll go, so why wait. Bronx neighborhoods including Tremont, Pelham Parkway and Mott Haven, in the South Bronx, are expected to see revitalization, Brandt noted.