Bedding For Rabbits Cage (DIY Project Download)

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Rabbit bedding like hay, newspaper and such like is not as crucial if your rabbit has free run of your home. But if your rabbit has a cage or indoor housing area to call their own, then bedding material is important to them. Rabbit Bedding: Includes cheap pine shavings and some new and high-tech bedding materials. For rabbits, just ensure that the rabbit’s cage and environment are well-ventilated. You can set up the same style box outside of the cage or use a covered litter box if your rabbit likes to dig in his box. The cover will help keep the litter in the box, but be sure to clean the box daily, because you can’t readily see how soiled the box may have become, and the odor may be intensified in the enclosed area.

bedding for rabbits cage 2Pellets – Good quality rabbit pellets may be offered daily to adult rabbits, but only in limited quantities. Newspaper can be used under the cage but should not be used as bedding. Energetic and gregarious animals, rabbits need a safe, comfortable spot to sleep. But simply going to the pet store and picking any bedding could have fatal consequences. It is essential that your rabbit be healthy and have all its needs met in order to have success with training and to be a happy pet. The bedding should be changed at regular intervals to keep the cage smelling fresh and the rabbit feeling comfortable.

To a rabbit, rabbit bedding is more than just litter. Hay and straw are a natural material that is best suited for rabbits that are kept in outdoor cages. This way you do not find the hay and straw throughout your home. So like what is your rabbit standing on then? I’m getting a c&c cage for my rabbit and using woodshavings in the petstore cage now and i know its bad fro them so want to change. I’ve read on rabbit websites that bunnies love having some sort of bedding to arrange and sleep in, but when I tried lining the cage with hay, they just pooped and peed everywhere and it was really unhygienic, so I stopped that.

Veterinary Care

Choice of litter and bedding material has always been based on individual preferences. We finally thought of the pine shavings in the litterboxes and cage trays. All of our rabbits who had elevated liver enzymes were using pine shavings in their individual litterboxes and/or cage trays. However, your rabbit’s cage may need a thorough cleaning more often depending on the size of the cage and how well your rabbit is litter trained. If you have more than one rabbit, you may also find you need to clean a bit more often. I was wondering what the best bedding is for rabbits. I’ve read conflicting literature on types of bedding to use. The problem is that the cage is kept in a carpeted area and as much as I want to allow him to roam outside his cage on the carpet, he tracks his bedding shavings all over the carpet, which becomes a nuisance to vacuum (I also try to avoid using the vacuum around him, as the noise frightens him). Rabbits that are never let out of their cages have problems with muscle atrophy, they can t even hop. Litter Box: It is important that your rabbit’s litter box is an adequate size to prevent accidents. There are two types of cage floors that are primarily used for rabbits – wire floor and solid floor. That option works best if the cage is large enough to accommodate a litter box, or if the rabbit can get in and out of the cage through an open door.

Rabbit Bedding

Aromatic oils in cedar bedding have been shown to have adverse health effects on small pets. IKEA doll bed as a pet bed, add bedding of your choice or create your own! Pine pellets can also be used in a rabbits litter box if your bunny is litter box trained.