Bedryder Truck Bed Seats (DIY Project Download)

You might also need some help hauling them into the truck bed the entire BedRyder frame and seats weigh about 65 pounds. It adds a pair of seats, complete with racer-style seatbelt harnesses, to the bed of any truck. Many people who grew up riding in the back of pickup trucks have had to transition, as laws and safety awareness have changed things and prevented them from allowing their own kids to do so. Hey guys i was thinking of putting seats in the bed of the trucK (with seatsbelts), ive seen the bedryders but those are 80 any other ideas that i. And yea bed ryder seats at 800 bucks a set is dumb. i found poly bucket racing seats for 70 bucks each.

bedryder truck bed seats 2I have the stock seat from my pickup and I’m thinking of making some mounts for the back. Has anyone mounted seats right behind the cab in the bed of the truck? We offer the best BedRyder Seats products in the industry. Contemporary style adds that sporty look for late-model pony cars, trucks, SUVs or sport compacts. Subaru Brats used to come from the factory with seats in the bed. There is a company named BedRyder that makes seats for this that has all the the required stuff including seat belts.

Did you ever look at the website no longer works. Moving the Toyota seats to the bed of the truck will be better too since the frame/rails are lower profile so that the seats will sit lower in the bed. Innovative Truck Bed Seats has Bench, bucket, bench recliner, and bucket seats. Easy NO Drilling installs quickly, D.O.T. Approved, and fits any size truck. Compare and find best prices for BedRyder Truck Bed Seating System – Black Harness.

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