Bedsharing With Newborn (DIY Project Download)

Popular media has tried to discourage parents from sharing sleep with their babies, calling this worldwide practice unsafe. Medical science, however, doesn’t back this conclusion and prove the benefits of co-sleeping (See Safe Co-Sleeping Research). Unfortunately, the terms cosleeping, bedsharing and a well-known dangerous form of cosleeping, couch or sofa cosleeping, are mostly used interchangeably by medical authorities, even though these terms need to be kept separate. When done safely, mother-infant cosleeping saves infants lives and contributes to infant and maternal health and well being. Co-sleeping with a newborn is a controversial topic, with experts and parents making good arguments for and against it.

bedsharing with newborn 2The question of whether to sleep with an infant or leave a screaming baby in the cot has become a great dilemma for parents often unable to cope with the noise. This case highlights the link between sharing a bed and SIDS.

New-born Baby Dies In Mother’s Bed

bedsharing with newborn 3

Benefits Of Co-sleeping