Bedwars Map (DIY Project Download)

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We are back with a new Bedwars Map called: KRAKEN. The Map based on a Octopus which is capturing the Main Island. Welcome to Heaven! My 4 x 4 Bedwars Map. This Map isn’t on our Server, I only build it;) If you use this Map, credit me and post this Site here;). Hey, My friends and me build a Rush Map for 4 teams.

bedwars map 2Not another one. Yes, thats right. A bit. This is another Bedwars map. Bedwars. Ever wanted to run a bedwars map on your server? Without setting up the map every time? This plugin automaticly resets the map after game and does the other stuff for you. Bed-Wars map minecraft pe 0.12.1 Download. Like 1. Have an Android device? Check out our new FREE Maps Android App! – Click Here.

Bedwars Map is a map in the new world, not author MCPE give us any information about a map far beyond some pics below with a message Please introduce this map to play MCPE community Maps. Bedwars Map for The Golden Core (Bedwars Map) 8.6M. I am selling a brand new Minecraft BedWars map! The name of the map is Desert!In this map there are 4 teams!We worked 2 week on this map and so we wo.

Hasty Islands Minecraft Bedwars Map Updated To

Welcome to my 3rd MCPE Bedwars Map. Today, its a map with the topic Christmas.For people, who have no idea of Bedwars:Bedwars is a minigame wherein 2 teams participate. Finally a upload. This time it’s a Bedwarsmap in Skyblock style. You may only use this map if you mentioned me as the builder of the Map (player999).

Bedwars Map For Minecraft Pe