Belber Steamer Wardrobe Trunk (DIY Project Download)

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Louis Vuitton Wardrobe, ca.1920. This piece is an excellent example of one of the most intricate trunks ever made by Louis Vuitton. At 22W x 44H x 22D, a classic size, boasts many bells and whistlesincluding leather-handled drawers in various sizes, a pullout shelf (not shown), and a foldout work surface that could be used as a writing desk, a table for tea service, or even an ironing board. Looking for Chests & Trunks? Find 1 available for as low as from a trusted seller on eBay. Antique vintage Belber steamer wardrobe trunk chest luggage suitcase 1920s black in Antiques, Furniture, Chests & Trunks eBay.

belber steamer wardrobe trunk 2Rare Antique Belber Wardrobe Trunk 1922 Original Complete Steamer Chest in Antiques, Furniture, Chests & Trunks eBay. Vintage Belber Upright Steamer Wardrobe Trunk This is a vintage upright wardrobe steamer trunk by the Belber traveling goods company. The trunk. Known as Wardrobe Trunks or Traveling Wardrobes, these trunks are some of the largest and heaviest ever made and are designed to stand on end for packing or open use. One half of the trunk, usually the right half, is filled with drawers while the other half has clothes hangers, usually a shoe box, and sometimes an ironing board and even a flat iron.

In 1919, the Belber Trunk and Bag Company acquired the Oshkosh Trunk Company and became the world’s biggest manufacturer of traveling goods. Jump up Is a Belber Wardrobe Trunk too good for you? Belber Luggage Co Steamer Wardrobe Trunk with Ironing board. Posted by monikablair. 1921-24 Steamer wardrobe trunk, with ironing board, wood and Iron clothes hangers and 5 drawers, leather exterior in very good condtion. Category:. BELBER STEAMER WARDROBE TRUNKS. 32.50. 3750. these famous trunks at half price! Sturdy., durable and safe. and a marvelous value for. school budgets.

Rare Antique Belber Wardrobe Trunk 1922 Original Complete Steamer Chest

belber steamer wardrobe trunk 3Belber made loads of suitcases and wardrobe trunks, starting before the turn of the last century. Their wardrobe trunks were very well made. They even marketed a line of collapsible hangers, made of rope as shown in the ad on the right. Belber was a leather goods company founded in Philadelphia in 1891 by brothers Aaron and Henry Belber who began their company as teenagers in a basement in South Philadelphia hand-stitching leather goods. Their first factory opened in 1903. Find great deals on for vintage steamer trunk and steamer trunk in Furniture. Shop with confidence. /em /td /tr tr td width 100 his is a large Antique Steamer Trunk made by Belber. It is black and has brown leather trim and handles. The corners and outer hardware is heavy, solid brass. It has two metal latches that are loop and tab type latches and a center lock made of brass. Outside: The Belber Trunk & Bag Co. Oshkosh Wisconsin Trademark. Osh Kosh made a medium to high quality trunk and yours appears to be a nice example of a wardrobe trunk of its time. What other type of information were you hoping to find?. I just got a 1914 Oshkosh steamer trunk with the key. We are the leading informational site regarding antique trunks and antique trunk restoration. More. Most french made trunks are worth much more than American made steamer trunks. It is a wardrobe trunk from what I am seeing online.


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