Belber Wardrobe Trunk Value (DIY Project Download)

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What I had purchased was a vintage Belber Wardrobe trunk. A trunk with a history. Did you ever find out what the estimated value is for your trunk? Antique BELBER Travel Steamer WARDROBE TRUNK Chest Coffee Table Storage. You Won’t Believe What These 97 Amazing Antique Finds Are Worth. BELBER. Belber made loads of suitcases and wardrobe trunks, starting before the turn of the last century.

belber wardrobe trunk value 2Belber is a heritage American leather goods company founded in Philadelphia in 1891. In 1919, the Belber Trunk and Bag Company acquired the Oshkosh Trunk Company and became the world’s biggest manufacturer of traveling goods. Jump up Is a Belber Wardrobe Trunk too good for you? Question – I have a Belber safe lock wardrobe trunk. We’ve used this large (51 X 23 X 21) wardrobe trunk as a TV stand for ages.

Vintage Wardrobe Steamer Trunk For. (See Worth Edmund W. belber wardrobe trunk 1927. belber wardrobe trunk sugar producers and is open to a sale at the. I will not be able to provide estimates of a trunks value for you. Please email me at marvin thisoldtrunk. Any thoughts on its approximate age or someone I could contact at Belber. I have an odd wardrobe trunk by National Vulcanized Fibre Co. It has a hanger system that is not intuitive. The below table is meant has a guide to help determine the true value of your antique furniture by showing what others have sold and paid for their antique furniture items. Vintage Travel well Wardrobe Steamer Trunk by Belber, Completed, 0.95.


35.00 Full Size Open Top Wardrobe Trunksplendid value at low price 29.50. Org/wiki/Trunk_(luggage) Trunk (luggage) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia /a br/ A well done restoration or refinish can increase a trunks value. working on trunks is the 200 page Antique Trunks: Refinish Repair Restore-Revised and. This is a arched top (as opposed to a flat top) steamer trunk manufactured by the Belber Trunk Company. These trunks are known for their serious hardware and complex compartments and trays inside. Large wardrobe trunks are meant to be stood on one end when opened. The locks too have an association with the quality, rarity and value of a case. 1876 – Creation of the wardrobe trunk, which contained a rail and small drawers for storing clothing.

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