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Bench or portable multimeter – Page 1. In particular you could get a handheld like the Fluke 87/V or Agilent 1252B for 300-330 pounds. I am planning on buying another multimeter, but am quite puzzled by the differences between bench and hand held units. It seems to me that the bench units just cost a lot more and I cannot see why this is. The decision of whether to purchase a handheld or a bench digital multimeter (DMM) used to be pretty simple. If you were doing design work or needed a high degree of accuracy, you went with a benchtop model.

bench vs handheld multimeter 2A standard handheld multimeter will be some 4000 count, or 6000 count multimeter, while if you go and buy a desktop multimeter, well, you easily can get a 6. DMM will only be used in a lab or in a factory, sitting on a bench, and working reliably for years. Bench-equipment is always larger than the handheld versions of it. Accuracy1 Function Range Resolution Model 87. 4.000 V 40.00 V 400. Benchtop Multimeter – Authorized distributor for new Keysight, Fluke, Tektronix, Keithley, and Instek benchtop multimeter products. Handheld Multimeter (410). 5.5 Digit Bench Digital Multimeter 5. 2 pA-20 mA ranges, internal 1000 V source New – Priced From 6,334 B2985A, B2987A Electrometers/High Resistance Meters 0.

Having got the DMM vs VOM question out of the way, you then need to decide what you want in the way of accuracy, functionality, calibration, and build quality. The best reason for an audio hobbyist to get a bench meter is to get 4-wire measurement capability. Most hand-held DMMs have an ac frequency response specified to below 1kHz. All TTi bench-top DMMs provide excellent accuracy on all ranges throughout the audio band (40Hz to 20kHz) with a 3dB bandwidth extending well above this. Unlike a hand-held DMM, all TTi bench-top DMMs include a fully isolated RS-232 interface. For full system applications, the 1705-GP also have a GPIB (IEEE-488) interface. Seems like it would be nice to have a bench-top meter without all the depth that wouldn’t fall over. Anyone make a shallow bench-top multimeter (think Fluke handheld turned 90 but with the display right-side-up) (self. I have 5-6 hand held multimeters but I primarily use my two Fluke 87 Vs.

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From our simple pocket digital multimeter to our high accuracy TY series, with up to 50,000 counts on a dual display, Yokogawa’s DMMs provides you with a quality product to meet all your expectations. Test and Measurement Equipment – Multimeters are in stock at DigiKey. Unlike a hand-held multimeter it stays where you put it even with heavy test leads connected. The 72-1016 + 72-7770 is a bench handheld Multimeter Kit. TENMA. Oscilloscope Probe, 60 MHz, Passive, 600 V, 1:1, 10:1, General Purpose Oscilloscopes. Bench multimeter digital Tektronix DMM4020 CAT II 600 V Display (counts): 20000 – now buy online with ease from Conrad UK, your online shop for technology, electronics and innovative ideas. A 61/2digit DMM provides a resolution of 1/2,000,000 or 0.00005. There are some benchtop 4 1/2 digit designs, but they are most widely used in student labs and some service benches. DC distribution in your house and 42-V cars.

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Handheld multimeter, Current clamp adapter digital VOLTCRAFT CAT III 600 V Display (counts): 4000. Handheld multimeter analogue VOLTCRAFT SH1943 CAT III 500 V. Bench multimeter digital VOLTCRAFT VC650BT CAT II 600 V Display (counts): 40000 – now buy online with ease from Conrad. Bench multimeter digital Rohde & Schwarz HMC8012 Data logger CAT II 600 V Display (counts): 480000 – now buy online with ease from Conrad. Digital Multimeters are available as clamp on types, bench or handheld. So full scale is 1999 as in 1.999V, 19.99A, 199.9 ohms thats why the switch positions all start with 2.