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In geomorphology, geography and geology, a bench or benchland is a long, relatively narrow strip of relatively level or gently inclined land that is bounded by distinctly steeper slopes above and below it. A Potting bench or gardening table is a kind of workbench used for small gardening tasks such as transplanting seedlings. A basic potting bench has a work surface at bench height, comfortable for a standing person; and storage for potting soil, pots, and tools. A test bench or testing workbench is an (often virtual) environment used to verify the correctness or soundness of a design or model, for example, that of a software product.

bench wikipedia 2A monks bench or hutch table is a piece of furniture where a tabletop is set onto a chest in such a way that when the table was not in use, the top pivots to a vertical position and becomes the back of a Settle, and this configuration allows easy access to the chest lid which forms the seat of the piece. Bench can be used as a figure of speech for a group of people associated with sitting on particular benches. The words chair, seat and desk can be used in similar ways. A workbench is sturdy table at which manual work is done. They range from simple flat surfaces to very complex designs that may be considered tools in themselves. Workbenches vary in size from tiny jewelers benches to the huge benches used by staircase makers.

A Desk and bench can be an antique or a modern form of desk combined with a small bench or a stool made in exactly the same style and material. The desk is usually not very big and meant to be placed against a wall, in a little room or a hallway. A memorial bench or memorial seat is a piece of furniture which commemorates a person who has died. Memorial benches are typically made of wood, but can also be made of metal, stone, or synthetic materials. A Communion bench is an adaptation of the sanctuary guard or altar rail. Standing in front of this barrier, in a space called the chancel, or pectoral, the faithful were wont in early times to receive Holy Communion, the men taking the Consecrated Bread into their hands and the women receiving it on a white cloth, called the domenical, while deacons administered the Precious Blood which each took through a reed of gold or silver.

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bench wikipedia 3Benchmarks for Selenium Webdriver selectors. Contribute to selenium-selector-bench development by creating an account on GitHub. Virus.MSWord.Bench or Bench is a virus that runs on Microsoft Word. Details Edit. Bench runs its infection routine in any of its auto-macros as well as Macro. Virtual Bench. National Instruments Virtual Bench is a plug-and-play tool that contains five instruments in one tool (a Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter, Function Generator, Programmable DC Power Supply, Digital I/Os). The Chemistry Bench is an advanced crafting station that functions as the upgraded Mortar and Pestle, capable of efficiently making refined batches of goods far quicker than its primitive-tier counterpart. The SP2Bench SPARQL Performance Benchmark, provides a scalable RDF data generator and a set of benchmark queries, designed to test typical SPARQL operator constellations and RDF data access patterns.

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