Benchtop Power Supply From Computer (DIY Project Download)

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My roommate Adam told me about somebody online who had converted an ATX computer power supply into a lab bench power supply, so I decided to do the same thing. Add Variable Voltage to Your ATX Based Bench Power Supply. If you have an old computer ATX PSU lying around, you can give it new life as a bench power supply. Here’s how.

benchtop power supply from computer 2How to convert a PC Power Supply to a desktop power source. DYI Links. Here are some articles detailing modification of an ATX supply to be a bench supply. Posted in computer hacks, tool hacksTagged atx, bench supply, mic29152, power supply, psu Post navigation. Adjustable PSU power is nothing new but there is an easier way to do it simply remove all the caps and inductors from the low voltage side than find the feedback voltage divider and by changing the value of the divider you change the voltage you can get up to 47 volts out of it (well my 500W can do that) you need to put a higher voltage filter cap and higher watt inductor to keep the noise low.

The benchtop power board should be powered by a standard computer power supply with an ATX connector. With this rev we have finally added a power switch and made each standoff to a more appropriate height to fit the mounting posts. Lots of members really need a good high amp dc bench power supply on a budget. My roommate went to a local electronics supplier and recently paid 90 dollars for a 7amp 12v DC power supply. My roommate Adam told me about somebody online who had converted a spare ATX computer power supply into a lab bench power supply, so I decided to try and do the same thing.

Converting A Pc Power Supply

However, when using this for typical benchtop hobbyist needs (e.g. supply 5V to a microcontroller) the current supply needs are small. In short: do not short-circuit computer power supplies. How about a benchtop power supply from an old computer power supply. I know that Ben did something similar with an old computer power supply in one the episodes, Episode 40: See Ben’s Energy-saving Universal Wall Wart Episode. )I have read a number of articles dealing with the conversion process and think I can manage to get there if I am careful and take it step by step. I realized that ATX computer power supplies already put out all of those voltages, and I had one sitting in my closet, so I looked online and sure enough, there’s a bunch of guides explaining how to modify an ATX power supply for use as a benchtop power supply. If you decide to try a power supply conversion of your own, then you do so of your own accord. This will be used to power my receiver in place of a battery when doing bench testing of different radio gear. Find great deals on eBay for Benchtop Power Supply in Test Equipment DC Power Supplies. 24Pins ATX Benchtop Power Board Computer Power Supply Breakout Adapter.

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Common ATX computer power supplies are a great value when you consider the power, efficiency, regulation, short-circuit protection, and relatively low cost. Picture of Convert A Computer Power supply to a Variable Bench Top Lab Power Supply More.