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The best badminton rackets available now. Take a look which Yonex, Babolat, Victor and Li-Ning rackets make our top 10 list. Order online at tennisnuts. Badminton has been an Olympic sport since 1992 for both men and women competitors. As in most sports, good equipment will help make the most of your potential, but it will not replace ability and practice time. Whether your a beginner or a professional, Our Reviews can help determine what are the best badminton rackets. Read our comprehensive racket reviews.

best badminton racket 2Choosing the best badminton racket to suit you is not an easy choice. You could ask some experienced players for advice regarding which racket they think is best. More than just taut strings and a sturdy frame, the optimal badminton racquet. The best choice of racquet depends on your playing style, so take time to research the features and perks of the most popular and trusted racquets on the market. It is impossible to play badminton without a proper racket, but choosing one from among the top available products can be difficult. The best badminton rackets are comfortable to hold and durable in the face of frequent use.

Victor Thruster K Onigiri Badminton Racket Review. Why Egos and Incorrect Information About String Tensions In Badminton Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good. Looking for the best Yonex badminton rackets? Find a large selection of Yonex racquets like the Voltric ZForce 2, Voltric 80 E-Tune & Nanoray GlanZ at great prices at badmintonwarehouse. Looking to buy a new badminton racket? Stop! Not until you read these tips for choosing a good racket.

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best badminton racket 3The best badminton racket for your game in 8 simple steps! Racket Balance: Head light rackets have their weight towards the handle and feel handier to use. There are many ways to enjoy a day out in the backyard or somewhere outdoors. Some activities are more pleasant than others. A casual way to spend such a day is to enjoy a few matches of badminton. Do you really enjoy the game of badminton, but you don’t have your own racket? Follow the instructions found here to learn how to purchase your own badminton racket. You can try several rackets without a large financial outlay and then upgrade when you find a model that works best. Best Selling Badminton rackets, Best Badminton rackets for Year 2015, Best YONEX Badminton rackets, Best LI Ning Badminton rackets. For now we will experience 10 of the more prominent badminton rackets. The fabricate quality and evaluating is critical. The bes top ten Badminton Rackets 2016. I’m looking to buy a new badminton racquet soon and have it re-strung to about 27/28lbs of tension but I don’t know what string to buy. I heard BG-80 was one of the best, any clarifications on that?

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The search for the best badminton racquet, can be a bit daunting as you have to choose from a vast array of racquets, that have flooded the market.