Best Bedding For Rabbits (DIY Project Download)

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What’s the difference between rabbit litter and bunny bedding? Here are some of the best options, some of the ones you could just about get away with and some bedding material that are absolute ‘no-nos’, the ones you should definately avoid:. Vegetables – Rabbits’ digestive tracts function best when they have high levels of fiber to help maintain normal intestinal motility. Newspaper can be used under the cage but should not be used as bedding. Different types of bedding for use in rabbit hutches, indoor cages and litter trays.

best bedding for rabbits 2Find out what is the best litter material for a pet rabbit in this Howcast video featuring bunny lover Amy Sedaris and rabbit expert Mary E. Cotter. Rabbit Bedding: Includes cheap pine shavings and some new and high-tech bedding materials. Despite the authors’ leaps into conjecture, we agree that it is probably best to avoid untreated cedar shavings, especially if you’re a rat breeder. Training your rabbit to use a litter box also makes your clean-up job easier. However, choosing the best litter box set-up may take a little homework. As rabbits become more popular as house pets, litter boxes designed for rabbits have also become more prevalent in the pet supply market.

I was wondering what the best bedding is for rabbits. At the moment I am using woodchips and hay but the woodchips are so messy. Buy your bedding. The bedding should be specifically for rabbits, or at least the package should say it is safe for rabbits. The best bedding to purchase is recycled, dust-free bedding, as wood shavings can harm rabbits. The best type of bedding is clean, bagged straw, available from all good pet shops.

Best Litter Material For A Pet Rabbit

Rabbits require a comfortable cage or other escape-proof enclosure free from hazards such as electrical wires, poisonous plants and predatory pets such as cats and dogs. Bedding material can be hay, straw, hardwood shavings (maple, oak, apple) or bits of cloth (if the rabbit is well litter trained). Grass hay consisting predominantly of timothy is best. There are many different styles of hutch, the best is probably a free standing hutch which opens at waist height and is easily accessible for getting the rabbit in and out. Rabbits should have their bedding changed completely once a week. The use of pine and cedar as litter for house rabbits should be avoided. Thus one of your best detection methods for determining an unknown bag of shavings is your own nose! This odor, and the phenols that cause it, are not found to the same amount in hardwood shavings, thus hardwood shavings, aspen being one of the most common, are considered a much safer litter material and can be recommended for rabbits and other small animals. Provide a secure living environment large enough for all your rabbits to exercise and stand up fully on their back legs without ears touching the roof. Bedding should be safe to eat, e.g. dust-free straw/hay. The floor should be covered with newspaper with a layer of bedding material placed on top of the newspaper (straw, grass hay or shredded paper) to provide warmth, comfort and to prevent the rabbit from developing pressure sores on their feet. This is best achieved by regularly letting your rabbit out into a safe, protected grassy area where it can move around freely. Rabbits need hay to eat, in fact, a rabbit could have just hay and water to eat and be better off than a rabbit fed on commercial pellets and water. YES it is safe to use straw as bedding for your rabbit. Bunny Beds The Best Bedding For Rabbits. 9.

Best Bedding For Rabbits

Keep in mind the following as you choose your litter: -most rabbits spend lots of time in their litter boxes -rabbits will always nibble some of the litter -long haired rabbits may be better off with a pelleted paper litter as many of the other types will stick to their hair -rabbit urine has a very strong odor especially if unaltered -House Rabbit Society recommends organic litters, made from plants, citrus or paper. This option may not be the best one for a rabbit who is overweight. Whether it be wood chips, paper shreds, or blankets & towels. What does your bunny like best and what is safest and healthiest? My bun loves. Most rabbits live in hutches that are too small for them and most of these smaller hutches were bought in pet shops. Hay is the bedding which seems best to prevent sore hocks developing (Mancinelli et al. Many higher end litter boxes for rabbits come with a hay rack attached.