Best Box Mod 2015 Reddit (DIY Project Download)

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Top Dual 18650 Box Mods Currently? Just Broke My IPV4S (self. Need recommendations for first box mod purchase (self. Best custom box modders – March 2016? (self. This post was submitted on 28 Apr 2015. I have no price range requirement I’m looking for the best of the best. This post was submitted on 25 Oct 2015. Everytime I tell myself I’m good but then a new cool thing comes out and I buy it. I want a box mod.

best box mod 2015 reddit 2You can get a Sigelei 150w box mod from this US seller for 75:. This post was submitted on 03 May 2015. I’m still partial to a unregulated parallel box mod but the sig and ipv4 are solid for anything the average vapers going to want. The ipv mini 2 is definitely the best compactish mod. So this leads me to my main questions: Most generally, what is the best box mod out there? Now I know the answer will vary depending on the needs of the user; I am a cloud chaser, flavor is important but vapor production is where it is at.

50w I think the iStick 50w holds the edge over other 50w mods. 100w+ I think the Sigelei 150w is the best option for price/function/aesthetics. It’s a wonder how being ‘out of the game’ for only a few months puts a guy so far behind the tech. I’m seeing so many different boxes with such. This post was submitted on 10 Jul 2015. I have been doing some research and I have heard a lot of good things about temperature control. If I crank a box mod to 150-200W what type of coil should I use (high ohm, low ohm, and w/e else)?

Most Reliable, Best Box Mod?

I am looking for a 2-battery (18650) regulated box mod with USB pass-through. 7 ohms and keeping it around 22.5-25w i think its one the best vapes you can get. Whats the best beginner box mod including charger, batteries, and an rda. I dont want to spend too much money. So my friend’s girlfriend is getting him a box mod for his birthday, but there’s two problems. One, she doesn’t know much about advanced mods, and. This post was submitted on 31 Jan 2015. Best regulated box mod that can do at least 100 watts that is not a Sigelei? The best 5 temp control box mods are all DNA 200 devices. permalink; save; give gold. Been using mech mods for a few months now and I’ve always wanted to get a box mod, I don’t care for temperature control but any suggestions will. Also I like to use Paypal, so if you know any good sellers that accept Paypal please let me know:). This post was submitted on 31 Aug 2015. What is the new hot product as far as mini box mods that everyone is going nuts over?

The Best Box Mods Of 2015!

This post was submitted on 22 Mar 2015. What, in your opinion is the best regulated box mod and why (self. It works good with everything. If you don’t know about Reddit, you’re missing out on a veritable treasure trove of information. Let’s fix that today. Here’s our picks for the best box mods and vape mods of 2016. Modders were excited in 2015 because their favorite companies released top class vaporizers, extending the limits of their power and control. Things tagged with ‘reddit’. HexagOhm – DIY DNA Hexagon Box Mod by yoshie1997 May 9, 2015.

The way I always saw it, reddit should be the antidote to the vomit-inducing marketing on the ‘social media’ sites that, let’s face it are just more self-made love for the rip off brands. In your opinion whats a good sturdy unregulated box mod for the coming vapocalypse? DNA 200 Box Mods – We put together a list of DNA200 box mods using the new Evolv DNA 200 chip-set. August 21, 2015 27. Com whichecigarette Triton Box Mod by Dark Ronin Modz. Please follow our boards for the Best in Vaping. IPV Mini Box Mod – More Mini’s 2015. He is charging 750 dollars a pill, so US 75,000.00 for a box just like this. This story seems to have kicked open Pandora’s box, prompting us to provide our readers with additional information that has come to light. Pin on Pinterest Share on Reddit Share on StumbleUpon Digg this Email this to someone.