Best Flowers To Put In Window Boxes (DIY Project Download)

Create window boxes that add beauty to your home, garage, or shed with these easy plant-by-number ideas. Bonus: Light colors such as silver and white show up best at night, and seem to glow at dusk so you can enjoy them longer into the night. For an outstanding all-put-together look, use the same plantings on your deck as you do beneath your windows. A window box looks best if its length is within a couple of inches of the size of the window, although slight differences long or short won’t hurt. With this method, you can rotate liners and add fresh plants when current plantings pass their prime. The ideal plants for window boxes are colorful, can withstand hot sun or part shade and don’t have finicky watering requirements. This fuzzy, silvery-white plant adds texture and looks best in the front of the container since it grows low and wide. This plant is light and airy with tiny bobs of red flowers that attract butterflies.

best flowers to put in window boxes 2A window box spilling over with colorful annuals provides a bright splash of color and texture in the outdoor environment. A good example is lotus vine, (Lotus berthelotii), a trailing plant with feathery, gray foliage and bright red blooms that appear in late summer. These two window box plantings cover just about everything you’ve read above and another thing I haven’t even addressed, which is changing out your plantings seasonally. Deborah Silver and I think they might be the best window boxes I’ve ever seen. See how to succeed, what to plant, and how to care for your plants for complete success. Planting Window Boxes: What are the Best Window Box Flowers?

Carefully select flowers and plants for your window box. There’s so much to consider when it comes to plant selection. Combine flowering plants and those with attractive foliage in window boxes to add color to decks, window sashes, and porch rails. Red, yellow, orange, bright pink, and white look good from a distance, while blue, purple, and dark green show best at close range. A well-designed window box can be the crowning glory of your full sun garden. Unlike a container planter on the porch or a hanging basket, a window box is an extension of your home, an accessory that marries living plant material to your architecture.

The Best Flower Annuals For A Window Box

best flowers to put in window boxes 3Choose a window box that will fit the place where you want to put it. Basket and box flowering plantings for sun, shade,spring,summer,winter. Window boxes should extend the entire width of the window for best appearance. Use flowers that attract bees and butterflies, such as buddleia, lavender, alliums and heather. See How to Plant a Window Box by The Balcony Gardener for more tips and tricks. By definition, they are edible seedlings just putting out their first leaves. Window boxes are something the British whip up exceptionally well. They brim with a kaleidoscope of color: lavender lobelia, red-and-white stripped petunias, pink pelargoniums, orange geraniums,. Neutral colors–gray, beige, brown, natural wood, white–are the best complements. Where to put your flower boxes? Find a spot where they can slip in easily–fitting onto a windowsill or doorway ledge. Mueller uses a good quality potting soil mix in her window box plantings. Because contained soil dries out quickly, she mixes in Soil-Moist or Terra-Sorb polymers.

How To Plant A Window Box Garden

A good rule of thumb: Match the width of the flower box to the width of the window. No matter where you live, you can have a garden view when you plant colorful summer flowers in a window box. I was all ready to shoot some photos of my flower boxes and my neighbor Linda’s (more on that in a minute) when Michigan had to get all confused and think it was winter for a minute again. I just churn up the old soil and add in the new and give it a good mix. Wish I could plant window boxes on my bay window out front.