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Restore luster to older floors with this non-toxic Rejuvenate Professional Satin Finish Wood Floor Restorer. Convenient to use. Bring back the life in your hardwood floors with Rejuvenate 32 oz. Professional Floor Restorer. Was a very good choice. The old surface had developed a haze from repeated cleaning. How To Clean, Gloss Up, And Seal Dull Old Hardwood Floors Young House Love. Then I bought this stuff at Home Depot because I had heard good things about it when it comes to cleaning and glossing up floors that are old/dulled/mildly scratched (you know, floors that don’t need a full re-finishing but could use some moisture/polish to fill in small scrapes and seal them again). So I switched ol’ Wonky Mop’s head to the polishing one, but this time instead of using it to spread the Bona stuff, I worked my way out of the room with the Rejuvenate wood floor restorer. Orange Glo Floor Cleaner is wonderful, but I need a good sealer for the floors, which don’t appear to have ever been sealed, or were sealed many years ago and and wasn’t upkept. What cleaner and sealer would you recommend on light hardwood floors with some dark areas from water? ie. I’ll go to Lowe’s today to get the Rejuvenator, and Bona.

best hardwood floor rejuvenator 2For best results when applying Rejuvenate Restorer to your floors. Keeping your hardwood floors clean is a daily task, and Rejuvenate Floor Renewer claims it can restore shine, fill in scratches, and make your old floors look new. Rejuvenate Floor Renewer, you passed the Does It Work test! These 6 stores have the best return policies. The good news is that if you’ve got a hardwood floor, and you’ve been a good hardwood floor owner and done due diligence throughout the year in maintaining it, then there won’t be too much for you to do on that front (click here for the best way to clean hardwood floors on a regular basis).

BEST HARDWOOD FLOOR RESTORERContents1 BEST HARDWOOD FLOOR RESTORER1.1 Restoring Hardwood Floors to Maximum Shine Life1231.2 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner1. Refinishing a hardwood floor can be disastrous, but Pro Shot Floor Restorer is. Best of all, that beautiful shine will last months and months, with no yellowing or waxy buildup. Buy Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer, 16 fl oz at Best seller ranking:.

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best hardwood floor rejuvenator 3Read hardwood floor cleaners reviews, and share your own, to find out which products work best, and which should stay on the store shelf. When I saw the Rejuvenate advertisement on television it sounded too good to be true. Could I really clean and restore my aging and dull hardwood floors back to a hard and gleaming finish?. A urethane-based floor finish that works on most hardwood flooring. For best results, use Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner to clean and prep your floors before you apply Rejuvenate Restorer. Revive & protect worn, scratched or dull hardwood floors. For best results, apply an even coat. So a good vacuuming protects the finish as well as keeps up its appearance. If it’s another type of surface finish, get a general-purpose floor restorer, test the restorer on an inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t peel off. Rejuvenate Inc., having announced their new line of floor cleaners earlier last year, has sold over 6 million bottles already. The unique system was developed to restore wood floor shine without sanding or refinishing hardwood.

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Check out which wood floor cleaner is best for your floor. Comment: 4 rooms totaling about 600 sq foot of Hardwood flooring that is generally in very good shape. Little scratched up in a few places. Floor rejuvenator is doing the trick on much of the flooring but I would like to make it look better in some of the more worn or scratched areas. She Used Bona polish over her urethane floor. So far the Dura Seal EXTERRA has been good for me, I am not sure of the Bona Wet system, at all. Now this Polish-Restorer creates a mess for unsuspecting clients, not like you! I use Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner and Rejuvenate Urethane Satin High Gloss afterwards.

There are three products that I typically choose from to remove scratches on any type of floor: Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer or Lundmark Poly-Pro Tech. Lamanator Plus products are the proven best floor cleaner! it’s the best way to clean laminate floors including vinyl, cork, bamboo & LVP!. A state of the art line of products that will get your laminate, vinyl, cork, bamboo, or hardwood flooring looking as good as new!