Best Legacy Sideboard Cards (DIY Project Download)

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Sideboards are one of Legacy’s most easily wasted resources. Some writers spit out long, intricate sideboard guides. For all they know, those six cards that look bad against control are necessary to how the deck functions, and can’t be cut under any circumstances. Local Legacy players are already beginning to ramp up for the Legacy Grand Prix in Tacoma on November 7th and 8th. The best sideboard cards against Miracles include those mentioned above, Planeswalkers, Choke, Sylvan Library, Council’s Judgment and Krosan Grip.

best legacy sideboard cards 2I mentioned in my previous article that unlike other formats Legacy has more that a few top decks. So when building your board you want to have cards that are good against certain archetypes and less so against specific decks. Dismember might be an option as well if you’re looking for the best of both worlds. Sideboards can be invaluable to the deck while running through a tournament, or essentially worthless if. I think that these are the best ways to look at including cards for your sideboard:. What cards are the most useful catch-all answers in legacy? What cards are the most useful catch-all answers in legacy? If you were playing a deck where every land tapped for any color, what 15 cards would you want to have waiting in the sideboard? Council’s Judgement is probably the best catch all, along with Vindicate (though I would 100 play CJ over Vindicate if I could).

So Miracles has some of the most potent card selection in Legacy, surpassed only perhaps by the 2-piece combo decks in the format like Sneak and Show. The best thing I can suggest for Burn vs Miracles is that you need to be very judicious in how you approach the game. I have been wanting to make a comprehensive list of legacy specific sideboard cards for a while. When I make my sideboard I usually just do it by going through a playset binder I have but it has been needing an update for a while now. Even as a singleton in Legacy sideboards, it being a rare in Invasion (imagine getting this in your Grand Prix Sealed pool!) is enough to push the foil to these levels. Curse of Death’s Hold, Night of Souls Betrayal, Illness in the Ranks, and so on, but this one might be the best for hosing a lot of Zombie-based strategies as well.

Building A Legacy. Sideboard

best legacy sideboard cards 3Burn Away combines a one-shot graveyard-removing hate card with a removal spell. It Removes the best opposing creature and its controller’s graveyard along with it, which ensures the opponent can’t recover with Whip of Erebos shenanigans. Sideboard Cards Should Be Four Times as Effective as Main-Deck Cards. One of the best sideboards I ever played was to my New York States-winning deck list, This Girl: 4 Grand Arbiter Augustin IV 4 Mana Leak 4 Repeal 3 Fortune Thief Let’s play the exercise again. I think the more popular decks now will include cards like Lands, Enchantress, 5/3 Stax, and a few others along with the usual suspects. As the title says, I’m new to legacy and don’t know what people play and how to combat it in sideboard. If you want a direct answer as to what you should play without knowing what you are building I would direct you to this ‘blue’ deck since it has some reasonable sideboard cards. is your best bet to see what is being played. Historically, the most useful sideboard cards are silver bullets. Silver bullet sideboard cards are found everywhere formats with large card pools like Legacy and Modern. The best hate card against Storm combo in Modern is Rule of Law. In that limited pool of cards called Standard you need to find the perfect combination of fifteen cards, your arsenal of silver bullets against the top decks you don t want to face. Since I don’t know what each of you out there is playing, I’m going to give a breakdown on sideboard theory to help assist you in cramming the best cards you can into a fifteen slot package. The Mana Junkies – MtgFanatic’s exclusive Legacy columnITC Member.

Legacy Players, How Do You Sideboard Or Deal With Miracles? I’m Looking For Every And Any Answer Here

More recently, X is equal to the card Meltdown due to the recent potential rise of Chalice of the Void (the Eldrazi deck hype). Some of these are clearly more playable than others in the Legacy format and some are just as narrow as Circle of Protection: Red. Chris: I can’t imagine this card seeing too much play in Legacy. Sean: This card will influence Legacy and Modern as a possibly great sideboard card against a few things. Sean: This is probably the best tutor printed in recent history, and looks to be a powerful role-player in ANT lists that have cut their Ad Nauseums and have leaned on Past in Flames a lot more the so-called Grinding Station’ lists. After ten rounds of swiss, only eight remain. Here are the Top 8 Decks from the Legacy Championship! But furthermore, I believe that Burn is a fully Tier 1 Legacy deck and not the Tier 1. You usually have to get that sideboard card in hand or on the board within the first turn or two, and that’s asking a lot. It’s arguably your best answer to Sneak & Show, as cards like Ashen Rider can only be played against the one matchup and don’t help you if they resolve a Sneak Attack.

In legacy I sought to invalidate as many of my opponents’ cards as possible. 3 Flusterstorm One of the best sideboard cards against combo decks in legacy, also good against miracles and can still be cast through a chalice on one (copies have no cost). It just means we need to play even better sideboard cards to overcome the next-level-threats that we see in Burn. Sometimes the best way to beat Burn isn’t to play anti-Burn cards. Since then, I have Legacy Open Series Top 8’s with Sultai, Temur, and Grixis Delver, and 1 top 16 with Jeskai (very fitting, since it is the worst one of the four). Red also gives you Pyroblast, one of the best sideboard cards in legacy. Magic-League Coverage: May 1st Legacy Master Top8 Interviews. Are there any changes you would make to the deck (Best cards and worst)? Worst sideboard card so far was Holy Light, since I picked it to help in specific matchups that I didn’t meet. After sideboard, things can get better for you. Cards like Surgical Extraction and Duress can mess up math, or even blow them out if they are reliant on a single graveyard interaction. In Legacy, Blue has unparalleled card draw and deck manipulation in Brainstorm, Ponder, and Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Take a look at Greg Hatch’s second place sideboard from the Las Vegas SCG Invitational. For decks such as Elves and Maverick, Submerge is the best weapon you have.