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Best portable massage table reviews including all the information you need to know when choosing the perfect one for your job. Whether you need a massage table for your job, or if you need one for the home for therapy visits, a folding massage table is often a good choice. They are designed to be lightweight and portable, and if you don’t need to use the massage table all the time, it can be convenient to fold it away for storage. A buyers guide to choosing a massage table and other therapy supplies based on my experience of being in the therapy industry for over 15 years and owning 6 different massage tables. If you are a home or clinic based therapist, anything up to 21kg’s should be fine so that you can fold it up, put it away and/or move it from room to room with ease. I think aesthetically speaking wooden massage tables can be easier on the eye but don’t be a sucker for good looks when personality (functionality in this case) is more important!;). Bear in mind that the client weights that you would regularly come into contact range from 120-250lbs and you will never really need to use the higher end of the 450lbs working weight. I shopped with Massage Warehouse because they offer the best price which is really important when you are working for yourself and you have to stick to a budget. I use this table for acupuncture and massage. In my massage work, I needed a very light table to transport to my client’s homes.

best massage table for home use 2Posts about massage table reviews written by Bronwen Callaghan. In this guide I will show you how to determine your needs, choose a quality massage table and pick the best options for your table. Perhaps you are a student or potential student, want a table for home use, or are not ready for a higher end table. Whether you are a therapist or just into home massage, this article is a must read. The best two chairs and tables have been identified below, following research regarding efficacy, quality, and whether the devices may be used primarily by professional massage therapists or by novices. Bearing a 3 year warranty, Earthlite’s offering to massage therapy is relatively lightweight and portable, and may be used for a wide variety of needs ranging from heavy, professional use, to light, novice use. Best portable massage table reviews including all the information you need to know when choosing the perfect one for your job. How to Choose a Massage Machine for Home Use.

The width of a massage table is the measurement across the table between the two furthest points. In this instance, the use of a narrower table offers a number of inherent benefits. The best arrangement for a seated therapist is ‘Reiki end panels’ that are designed with cut-outs that allow therapists to get their legs underneath the table when seated. I hope I’ve made this site very easy to use! To jump straight into the reviews of the best massage tables on the market today check out the list on the right hand side. Visit our site to choose the Best Portable Massage Table at the best prices. While for home use, family members who are overweight could still share this low price, high quality massage table, just follow the capacity limit which is 450 lbs.

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Others obtain massage tables for home use because they are both practical and affordable. The tables fold up compactly and are easy to store. Massage tables come with a range of features that are essential for both the recipient and the therapist. If you have a few dollars to spend, buying a professional massage table is the ideal solution to the foregoing problems. Favored online, this two-fold burgundy massage table by Heaven Massage is one of the most recommended for both home and commercial use for many reasons. Superb quality tables at the best prices. All Tahiti massage tables are also great for your own personal home use, at such great prices and with easy-fold systems for convenient storage, why not enjoy some sensual time at home with your partner. Our products and supplies combine the superb value of unparalleled performance for the massage professional, student, and at home user. All of our tables have time proven designs and engineering. We use only the best Maple hardwood and Russian birch plywood for solid, long lasting construction. I soon discovered that there are best portable massage tables with portability features built-in. Featuring 2 inches of comfortable cushioning and solid ash wood legs that ensure the table remains stable during the course of use, this is an excellent choice both for professionals and those who just want a handy massage table for use at home.

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It’s also great for in-home use. With the economy the way it is, everyone is looking for inexpensive, quality products to use in their businesses. Read on to learn about the folding massage table by BestMassage. The best table width for you will really depend on your training and ability. Each therapist is different, and wants different things from their table. Ask to see the tables they use, and find out how wide those tables are. You can then work out whether you need something of a similar size, or need something wider or narrower. If you are in search of a great massage table for home use at a low budget then this will sure have you sorted. It is very portable and easy to set, this best massage table only requires a few minutes for you to set up and with its fold-able design it is also very easy to put away. Portable Massage Tables from Master Massage are the highest quality massage tables available.