Best Modern Sideboard Cards (DIY Project Download)

This here is a list of the most effective modern sideboard staples. Dragon’s Claw isn’t actually the best life gain card, and is probably one of the lesser ones, but the reasons why it is considered good is because it is colourless. A breakdown of Magic: the Gathering hate cards in Modern. In this edition, we cover white, the most hateful of all the colours. Also Rule of Law, Disenchant/clone, Wrath of God etc. White has the best sideboard options of any color. imo. As some of you may be aware, in two weeks time, there will be a Grand Prix taking place in Detroit. The format happens to be Modern, which is something that has yet to be on display since the legend rule and planeswalker rule change, so it will be very interesting to see how things get shaken up.

best modern sideboard cards 2I can recommend one interesting sideboard card in Guerrilla Tactics if you want to really punish those Abzan players. Not many decks can support it, but the single best card against Infect is probably Night of Souls’ Betrayal. At the end, I’ll preview a handful of potential new sideboard cards that will be printed in Dragons of Tarkir. You’re playing mono-red, and normally your best card against mono-white is Outpost Siege. Many of your cards are already colorless, but with the expensive ones all being Eldrazi, the Temple is excellent at accelerating. White has long been the best color for sideboard cards in Modern, so it’s the first place I would look if I wanted to splash.

The three most popular land hate cards in Modern: Blood Moon, Fulminator Mage, and Ghost Quarter. There are several popular sideboard cards that can shut down aggressive decks. And that’s why Pithing Needle is the best hate card. Soon I realized that the B/r build of Modern Eldrazi is not the only one. It can be more discard, more removal or some more creatures, it really depends on your preference and that is really the best thing about the deck – the fact that this isn’t really a deck. The sideboard is usually a mix of mass removal and utility cards. Today, I want to go over some cards that are seeing some sideboard play in Modern and Legacy. Curse of Death’s Hold, Night of Souls Betrayal, Illness in the Ranks, and so on, but this one might be the best for hosing a lot of Zombie-based strategies as well.

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best modern sideboard cards 3We have over 28K games of Modern analyzed from MTGO to draw conclusions from. Do your best to understand the popular decks of the format and know which cards are best at shutting down their overall strategy. To a certain extend this is guesswork. Who needs a sideboard when you cards are fighting for space on the kitchen table with a couple of sandwiches, a beer, and a jar of peanut butter? Times have changed for you, though. It was mediocre at best. STANDARD; MODERN; LEGACY. The first game of a best-of match is usually played without cards from the sideboard and is therefore called pre-sideboard game. After the first match the players are allowed to swap/add/remove cards in their deck for cards in their sideboard (aka sideboarding ), as long as the sideboard and the main deck remain legal after the sidebaording. Sideboards can be invaluable to the deck while running through a tournament, or essentially worthless if. I think that these are the best ways to look at including cards for your sideboard: 1. Rogue’s Alley: Modern Prized Dredge Playing on a Budget: G/W Warriors. Is it the best card to side in against Scapeshift and Storm? Probably not. Modern sideboard cards have a funny way of driving up foil prices.

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