Best Swing In Baseball Ever (DIY Project Download)

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Ted Williams did indeed become one of the greatest hitters who ever lived, and he did it with a swing that was both admired and envied. Now that the NFL season is over, I’m in full baseball mode. In the past we’ve seen the awesome swings of Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds, and Alex Rodriguez, but today’s group of hitters may have the pettiest swings ever. In the past we’ve seen the awesome swings of Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds, and Alex Rodriguez, but today’s group of hitters may have the pettiest swings ever. Miguel Cabrera He has one of the best swings in baseball, if not the best.

best swing in baseball ever 2Darryl Strawberry is my all time favorite player and he has the sweetest swing I’ve ever seen, also he hit the longest ball I’ve ever seen anyone hit. Best (MLB) Month Ever: If You Like Barry Bonds, You’ll Really Like This Baseball List. As much as critics ripped him for his alleged PED use, there are no known steroids that create a supernatural batting eye, and in addition to hitting the ball a mile, Bonds at his best also refused to swing at anything he couldn’t handle. WATCH: I won’t be playing for the Valley Cats but this guys should! Best swing EVER!

As a hitter, he had to face probably the best pitchers that baseball has ever had, nevertheless, he finished his career with 660 homers playing in the extremely huge Polo Grounds first, then in Candlestick Park, where the wind blew in from left field. I grew up idolizing Jr by far the greatest player I have ever witnessed play the sweetest swing I have ever seen plus all the gold gloves and I know everyone says IF it wasn’t for his injuries with the reds he would have destroyed the record there isn’t a true baseball fan or previous MLB player that deep down in there heart knows for a fact that that is absolutely positively the truth he would have shattered the record Face it THE KID aka Jr was the best. Watch this dude with the coolest swing you’ll probably ever see. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs. Watch the craziest baseball swing of all time in this outrageous new video.

Who Has The Sweetest Swing In Baseball History?

best swing in baseball all time 3Ken Griffey Jr. he has the Best Swing Ever and my favorite baseball player ever. See more about swings, baseball and ken griffey jr. The best way to hit this ball is to use a 10 degree uppercut swing path with the bat. It is also important that the bat is made with the right materials, which will have an impact on its sweet spot and swing performance, among other things. The top 5 Best Youth Baseball Bats made has some clear winners, some tough calls, but a handful of bomb dropping swings. CF7 Drop 5 Combat B1 Easton Omen. GOAT best swing ever in baseball and he definitely brought real swag to baseball Likes 3; Josh Stewart Joc Kevin Bell. Have you ever had your playing partner ask did you play baseball? Go ahead, stand up and try to remember your best baseball swing.

Top Ten Best Baseball Players Of All Time

His swing and his stance are private matters; he does not share them freely. If something works well, he says, it’s like a best friend. If it doesn’t, he scraps it like a splintered bat. Here’s the best baseball video of the year. This kid has the best swing ever. FOXSports. Duration: 00:21 6/11/2015. SHARE TWEET SHARE EMAIL.