Best Swing In Baseball Today (DIY Project Download)

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As we approach the All-Star Game, it’s a great time to recognize some of the best individual efforts. The crew from MLB Central compile their list of the sweetest swings in baseball today. Ranking The 10 Most Beautiful Swings in Baseball Today. We baseball geeks love to talk about statistics.

best swing in baseball today 2I haven’t watched every swing in baseball, but Murphy has the prettiest swing on the Mets. Griffey doing it best. Why do fans at a baseball game get so excited when a home batter hits a routine flyball or even a popup? Maybe the best part about his swing is that his follow through ends with him practically out of the batter’s box pointed toward first base. Which hitters in baseball today personify the attributes that Gwynn showed at Long Beach Polytechnic High School through his retirement as a Padre in 2001? A lot of players earn reputations as good, productive, consistent hitters. He has a funky swing, and I mean funky in a good way because he kind of stops the bat at contact and keeps two hands on it, Shelton said.

The most perfect swing ever, said Brady Anderson, now a roving hitting coach for the Orioles. Click through the gallery as Tim Kurkjian identifies the best tools he’s even seen. Though his 95-mph sinker is more famed (and rightfully so, as Baseball Nation named it the best pitch in baseball in 2011), the slider comes with a far higher whiff-rate. In any case, Crow’s slider comes in at an impressive 52.52 swing-and-miss rate, good for third among current AL relievers. Get tutorials from MLB All-Stars and use 3D and video analysis tools to improve swing and your game. Download Free App for iOS and Android today. See what really happens during your swing and compare your technique to the best.

Who Do You Think Has The Best Swing In The Majors? Not Based On Stats Or If The Swing Or Anything. Just By The Of The Swing

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Best Swing: Ken Griffey Jr

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