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His backhand is best ever, his footwork is superb and his speed is electric. The sport got included in the Olympic Games in the year 1988. Let us take a look at the Top 10 Greatest Table Tennis Players of All Time. He has claimed ever since that he learned much during his stay, and thereafter first began to regard his opportunity to succeed in table tennis as paramount.

best table tennis player ever 2Even the International Table Tennis Federation is calling this rally, the point of the century. Prepare to be amazed. For me, waldner is the greatest ever player. he is the only player who possesses each and every shot in table tennis. Chinese player are very fast, very strongest, very good, but personaly i think the best table tennis player of all time is one: Jan-Ove Waldner. Profiles of the top 12 male and female table tennis players in the world with photos and player statistics.

View our world top 20 table tennis rankings and find out which of our Butterfly players and coaches made it to this distinguished list. This wonderfully nonchalant spinning winner was captured at a friendly match between two players from the American sponsorship set-up Team Nexy USA. Table Tennis is like many other sports, in that its fans can rarely agree on just who was the greatest player of all time. While every fan will have their personal favourite, others will repudiate their argument with glee.

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Let us take a look at Top 10 Male Table Tennis Players from all over the world. Ma Long has all the skills necessary to become the best but lacked sufficient mental toughness when under pressure. Who are the best and the most famous table tennis players? Who plays table tennis? Find out here. The table tennis world ranking list – when is it published? How is it compiled? Who are the best table tennis players? Find out here. Who are the top 5 greatest table tennis players of all time? But yeah who do you think is the best top 5 players ever to have lived and play table tennis? Timo Boll, a former No. 1 table tennis player in the world, faced a table tennis-playing robot made by a Chinese robotics company. The robot is nearly impossible to beat in a standard rally, but Bo. One Response to The World’s Best Ping-Pong Player vs.

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Who is the greatest Olympic athlete of all time from the sport of Table Tennis? Next week’s U.S. Olympic table tennis trials are set to include an 11-year-old girl and a 93-year-old man, but perhaps the most intriguing participant is Wang Chen. MA Long and Fang Bo rally at the Qoros 2015 World Table Tennis Championships in Suzhou. See Sports Illustrated’s 100 Best Masters Photos. India has produced a number of fine players like Uttam Chandrana, V Sivaraman, Kalyan, Jayant, Krishna Nagaraj, Sudhir Thackersey, Gautam Diwan, Farokh Khodaiji, Niraj Bajaj, Manjit Dua, Jayant Vora, Mir Kasim Ali, Venugopal Chandrasekhar, Kamlesh Mehta and Manmeet Singh, among others. Krishna Nagraj reached the quarterfinals in the world championships in Tokyo in 1956, Thackersey was declared the best player in Asia in 1957 and the Indian men’s team secured the tenth place in the Swaythling Cup in the world championships in Dortmund (Germany) in 1959, which is India’s best ever ranking in the world table tennis.