Best Wood For Cooking Utensils (DIY Project Download)

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It’s important to get the best wood for spoon carving. These woods carve really easily when freshly cut or green and make excellent cooking and serving spoons. I use wooden spoons in the kitchen. I have to replace them about once a year. They seem to be made of a white wood that’s fairly light. Probably it grows in some foreign country, so I wouldn’t recognise the tree anyway. When it comes to wooden spoons, chefs and home cooks alike can get pretty serious. Only true wood will do, and the best are hard, lightweight, durable woods like beech, maple, or the new eco-friendly favorite of many manufacturers, bamboo.

best wood for cooking utensils 2In wooden utensils, the grain direction is a weak point, which will crack and eventually fail more often than bamboo, which isn’t a wood at all (bamboo is classed with grasses). At some point I eventually started making my own spoons, and carving them with other people as well as a social event – it’s a great thing to share in as a group activity. I can tell on my personal practice that wood spoons and alike kitchen stuff are best in teflon pans and pots use and differently from nylon made spoons they do not melt and do smell better when accidentally burnt. Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Wood Cooking Utensils. Shop with confidence on eBay!

It’s easy to disinfect wooden cooking utensils and restore their usefulness in your kitchen. When cleaning wood, remember that washing by hand is the most thorough and that bleach is your friend. A good ratio is one part bleach to 20 parts water. Wooden spreader knife spatula kitchen utensil handmade from Maple wood, butter, cheese, spreader ready to ship. The best part about having an Etsy shop is interacting with the customers via convo, so please feel free to contact us with questions.


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How To Clean And Disinfect Wooden Cooking Utensils: 9 Steps