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Backyard Discovery Saratoga All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set. The best wooden swing sets don’t have to cost a fortune. These wooden swing sets are the ones that have a reputation for stellar quality at 1,000 or less. Up to six children can play at once on this cedar wood playset. Gorilla Playsets offers a 10-year warranty on structural wood components and a one-year warranty on the other components. The Backyard Guys have scoured the planet for the best wood, vinyl, and metal swing sets at an affordable price. This also gives children enough tumble room if they happen to loose their balance or trip while playing on the play set.

best wood playset 2The Backyard Guys have scoured the planet for the best wood, vinyl, and metal swing sets at an affordable price. 3 Get good wood. Humphreys suggests investing in cedar or redwood instead of pressure-treated pine, spruce or fir. Cedar and redwood don’t have chemicals added to them, making them safer for children. The best swing sets for older kids up to ages 12 that are durable and heavy-duty that provide hours of fun for kids of all ages. Skyfort Cedar Wood Play Set Swing Set.

Best Swing Set These top rated swing sets will teach you a bit about what features and elements make for an enjoyable play set experience. You’ll find that most play set manufacturers use plastic or wood for the main materials. So what is the best wood for a swing set? (not regular pine) Contrary to popular belief, Premium Preserved Pine playsets, and NOT Redwood, are the most durable of all wood playsets used today because the pine is preshrunk and preserved. (Fun Fact: Before NJ Swingsets existed, we were called Arizona Playsets! Another major feature of the best swingsets is that they have SOLID wood over the swings, with holes drilled through the middle this makes them virtually unbreakable.

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Best Buys in Backyard Playsets & Playhouses. Today, swings and trapeze bars are attached to overhead wooden beams that are purely structural. Outdoor Fun. 1. Backyard Discovery Peninsula All Cedar Wood Playset. Wood Playset, Diy Playset, Outdoor Playsets, Diy Swingset, Wooden Swing Set, Kids Outdoor, Backyard Playset. How to Winterize and Weather Proof a Wood Playset. good to know for next year! I’m looking at getting a wooden playset (one of those with a rock wall, swings, slide, and small clubhouse up top) and I was wondering what type of lumber I should be looking for. Cedar is a good wood for outdoor applications, and is often used in playhouses and swing sets. It’s probably the best place to look for wood supplies and guidance too. Eastern White Cedar is a wonderful wood to make a play set out of, as it wont give splinters as easily as many woods will. However, even the best wooden playset will start to lose its brightness.

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10 Tips for Choosing the Best Wooden Playset A back yard can be a great place to spark imagination in a child. But when you add a playset to this play area,. Selecting just the right play set for your family might be a tad tougher than a cruise down the slide. They’re good for ages 2 and up, but older children love riding them, Milford says. If you’re buying a wooden swing set, redwood and cedar are generally the hardiest woods, experts say, followed by pine. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products and customer service possible. Backyard Discovery Montpelier All Cedar Wood Playset.

High quality, safe, wood playsets and wooden swing sets from Backyard Dreams, Denver: 303-868-9916. We offer only the very best in backyard swing sets and play sets through Backyard Fun Factory. Q: We are looking for a small, modern, non plastic if possible, playset for our son. There was a thread here a few years ago but I’d love to get any new suggestions from your readers. Not sure if it is okay to stain a wood playset? Learn tips and tricks for making a cedar playset look new. We paid about 1000 for it and I think it is one of the best 1000 we have ever spent.