Best Wood Polish For Kitchen Cabinets (DIY Project Download)

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Finish a thorough cleaning by polishing your wooden cabinets to make them look new again. If you deal with a lot of spilled food in your cabinets, you might want to invest in some good food storage containers. Applying polish over grease and dust will result in a mess, so be sure clean your cabinets before polishing. How to clean kitchen cabinets. On wooden cabinets, take a gentler approach. A good overall washing once a year should be enough. The finish on your cabinetry determines the final polish to use to make your cabinets shine. For surface-sealed wood, covered with a varnish or polyurethane, you can use an oil to make it shine.

best wood polish for kitchen cabinets 2Apply a wax- and silicone-free wood polish to your kitchen cabinetry to bring out the beauty of the stained wood, while adding a sparkling shine. Wipe with a clean cloth. Cabinets — whether they’re wood, laminate, metal or even glass — are subject to dirt and grime buildup, and the effects of condensation and temperature changes. Kitchen cabinets, in particular, are exposed to cooking exhaust and buildup of oil and should be regularly cleaned and polished to restore shine and surface quality. Finding the best method to clean and protect wood cabinets can be a challenge. This guide is about cleaning wood cabinets. Ad. Wood Kitchen Cabinets.

I have a lot of different precious woods: antique furniture,home cabinets, kitchen etc., nothing works as good as this product. I have been using it for years, I do not change it for any thing else. Buy Wood Polish For Kitchen Cabinets at Method Wood for Good Polish – 12 oz – Almond. Bayes Furniture & Cabinet Cleaner & Polish – 16 oz. If you want to keep that lovely natural, clean finish it’s a good idea to wipe down and polish your kitchen cabinets at least once every few months, ideally more often, especially if you have a busy kitchen.

How To Make Stained Kitchen Cabinets Look Shiny Again

best wood polish for antiques 3Restore shine to those worn out furniture using Rejuvenate Cabinet and Furniture Restorer. My husband thinks that underneath the paint some of the wood isn’t good quality. The polish is starting to hide some of the scars on my furniture and the shine is awesome. When did you last look at your kitchen cabinets? Dear Sandy: If you are looking for a commercial product to clean those cabinets, you’ll never beat the effectiveness of real orange oil polish to melt away grease, grime, polish and wax buildup and leaving a fresh scent and beauty in its place. In an upcoming column I’ll share the best homemade recipe for cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors. I used it on my dried out kitchen cupboards and 4 months later they still look great. Q: Recently, I had my kitchen cabinets stripped and refinished with Formby’s Penetrating Lemon Oil Furniture Treatment and Minwax Wood Sheen Rubbing Oil Stain and Finish. Formby’s is a furniture polish made up mostly of petroleum distillate solvent with some lemon oil thrown in to supply an attractive odor. You’d probably be best off with a varnish of some sort – a tough polyurethane would be ideal. Kitchen cabinets look great when they are first installed, but after a little use and getting smudged with greasy fingertips and food particles, the wood may need a little help from you to bring them back to their original luster. Most people know that wood needs moisture to keep it from drying out, but washing your cabinets with water is not always a good idea. According to the makers of Milsek Furniture Polish, a product that has been around since 1914, using water on wood can cause swelling, warping and possible staining and may permanently damage the wood.

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