Billy Bookcase Built In Look (DIY Project Download)

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To get a truly built-in look, this was going to take someone who knew what they were doing. Library wall made to look built in complete with Ikea Billy bookcases. Love this huge wall of book shelving. See how we made our IKEA BILLY Bookcase Library Wall. Full instructions on how to make them look built-in and details on library light sources and more.

billy bookcase built in look 2This is the part that really makes everything look like a built-in bookcase. From the top of the bottom shelf to the floor was higher than my baseboards so we used a 4 wide piece of MDF as a toe kick. DIY Ikea Billy Bookcase Built In Bookshelves Part 2. Another finishing detail that helped the bookshelves look less like a bunch of Ikea furniture pushed together and more like a piece of custom furniture was using caulk to fill in all of the holes after we placed the shelves. We made our Billy Bookcases into built-ins by following these simple steps: 1. Looks great, but would it be possible to post the photos in lower resolution?

Transforming stock Ikea Billy Bookcases into a built-in bookcase wall. Billy Built-In, trimming them out and painting to get a nice custom look. Want the look of these wonderful built ins, but want them on a budget? I love that you can find the perfect bookcases for this kind of DIY or handyman project at IKEA!. It’s very inexpensive and it can make any cheap bookcase look like a million bucks! Just look at the side-by-side comparison! I framed and mitered all of the front built-ins with the lattice trim.

Billy-to-built-ins Ikea Hack

How to build a faux wall of built-in bookcases using IKEA billy bookshelves to create beautiful shelving. The spackle will pop out if I want to arrange the shelves differently but it just made them look much more finished. I emailed Parker the link to Kristin’s from Bliss at Home and Gwen’s from The Makerista own version of the Billy Bookcases built in look but he said he didn’t want to take it that far in a rental. Custom Ikea billy bookcases custom built. Billy Bookcases DIY. March 20, 2012 by Chris. Totally amazing, I just love the look and function. Glad to see it went smoothly, I m sure you are loving it in that space!. While I was willing to spend the month or so it would take me to build them I decided to look into IKEA Billy Bookcases since I have seen so many other bloggers use them as built-ins. Liza of Mel & Liza created a custom built-in look on a budget by using Billy bookcases and height extenders to fill the wall around a sunroom door. How-To Make a Laminate Bookcase Look Like a Built-In Bookshelf. But custom built-ins are major money! Believe me, I’ve designed many for my design clients and they can cost thousands I had seen other blogger friends give the very affordable Ikea Billy bookcases a custom look, so I thought I’d give it a try myself.

From Billy To Built-ins

Built-in bookcases are a great way to showcase all of your odds and ends, accessories, and, of course, books. Instead of hiring a carpenter to outfit her gorgeous new pad with shelves, she headed down to Ikea and picked up four Billy bookcases to re-create the look of built-ins.