Billy Bookcase Shelf Thickness (DIY Project Download)

IKEA – BILLY, Extra shelf, white,, You can use the extra shelves to make room for more stuff when your storage needs change. Thickness: 2 cmMax. Fits BILLY bookcase 80 cm wide and 28 cm deep. IKEA – BILLY, Extra shelf, birch veneer,, You can use the extra shelves to make room for more stuff when your storage needs change. Thickness: 2 cmMax. Fits BILLY bookcase 40 cm wide and 28 cm deep. IKEA – BILLY, Extra shelf, black-brown,, You can use the extra shelves to make room for more stuff when your storage needs change. Thickness: 2 cmMax load/shelf: 14 kg. Fits BILLY bookcase 15 3/4 wide and 11 deep.

billy bookcase shelf thickness 2For books, I try to buy bookshelves with at least a 1 thick shelf. The Making of an IKEA Billy Bookcase. One tweak of note is that the shelves are slightly thicker to prevent sagging over time. A veritable sea of Billy Shelves. Full explanation and tutorial on how to turn an ordinary Billy bookcase into a custom made built-in. Next up was cutting and gluing some fake supports for the shelves and filling up all the little tell-tale holes. The trim would probably be just thick enough (depth-wise) to cover the gap, and since it would be narrow, it would not be extremely obvious on the wall.

IKEA Billy shelves (preferably 40cm, as 80cm tend to cave in after a while I used my old Billy 60cm which are unfortunately no longer to be found in the IKEA Billy assortment). Did you know that IKEA has sold over 41 million Billy bookshelves since the 1979 launch?. One of the biggest problems with shelves is that they can sag with the weight of books. A perfect example of this is the Billy bookcase from Ikea. Creating an Ikea built-in Billy bookshelf is something I have wanted to do in this room for years. As much as I would love to have cute shelves showing off fun coordinating tchotchkes, these bookshelves will contain 100 books! So let the fun begin!. I have half inch thick square aluminum tubes that I’m going to screw into the bottom of the shelves that will have the heavier books on them.

Pimp Your Billy Into A Customized Marvel

Ikea recently announced that the popular shelving system is not long for this world, and the internet responded with rage. The thickness of the wide outer edge that makes Expedit so distinctive. Sales numbers for Expedit aren’t public, but we know that Ikea sells some 41 million similar Billy bookcases a year. OpenSCAD Parameterized BILLY bookshelf, modified to permit easier scaling for use in making dollhouse miniatures. How wide is a Billy Bookcase shelf – inches or centimetres is fine? Have just measured 40 paperbacks,various thicknesses. this comes to 32 inches so 400 books roughly 320 inches or 27 feet of shelving. Built in pantry bookcase: wall and shelf thickness and spacing twig45. Versatile and great value, available in 7 finishes. Mix and match modular system.Bookcase:Size H91.5, W42, D29.1cm. 2 fixed shelves. Shelf thickness 1.5cm. The veneer, though thin, is always thick enough, and the finish is quite hard.

Pimp Your Billy Into A Customized Marvel

I have two Billy bookcases already, but they’re only half the width of a standard bookcase so that might explain why they haven’t warped. The combined double shelf is fine and the extra thickness doesn’t stand out if all the shelves are full. It is a standard bookcase that has got a glass door and four shelves. Like the style of these shelves–the thickness of the boards seems to hold the weight of the books well. I could make these to match my Ikea Billy Bookcase hack! For non Ikea aficionados, a Billy bookcase is made of wood veneer and the one I wanted to paint was the birch veneer like so:. I popped the shelves back in but what I failed to anticipate was that the layers of paint made the shelves too thick and as I struggled to manoeuvre them in, this is what happened:. Word of warning: For some reason, IKEA makes their Billy shelves almost paint repellant! It took three whole coats of primer and three coats of paint to get full, durable coverage! Had I known it would have been that much of a hassle, I would have probably left the backs white or gone with contact paper or wallpaper as an easier solution.

The standard board game box sizes will overhang the Billy shelves. Most modern games have thick enough boxes that you can stack fine. See how we made our IKEA BILLY Bookcase Library Wall. How much space did you leave between the shelves to add the trim? We went off the dimensions of the wood frame and the thickness of the wood we selected to use. Thick Wall Shelves Price Comparison, Price Trends for Thick Wall Shelves as Your Reference.