Billy Bookcase White Paint Color (DIY Project Download)

What color did you paint the trim to match the billy bookcases? Or, did you take a shelf and get the paint matched?. Color matched Ikea white paint formula for touching up Billy bookcases and Expedit systems! I assume most of IKEA’s white furniture pieces are the same shade, so for reference, this was matched to a shelf from the white Billy bookcases, and it also is the same white as the Hemnes dresser.

billy bookcase white paint color 2Of course IKEA bookshelves aren’t pure white- they’re more of a creamy white- so in the end we opted to take one of the spare shelves to Home Depot and have them do paint matching. Of course IKEA bookshelves aren’t pure white- they’re more of a creamy white- so in the end we opted to take one of the spare shelves to Home Depot and have them do paint matching. I’m in the middle of doing one myself and I was wondering what color did Home Depot use to match the billy bookcase? Part 2: Building in Ikea Billy Bookcases with Molding. You could take a door or shelf with you to the store and ask them to color match that, but I just used what I saw recommended already and I’m very happy with the match. I used Dove White by Valspar as the colormatch white paint for the Billy bookcases. After that paint dries, paint the new wall color over it. We just use some billy bookcases to make built-in’s to flank our fireplace.

If you want to makeover your IKEA shelving in a different color (such as the amazing wall-matching set-up shown above), apparently, the one word you need to know is PRIMER!. After the primer dries, you cna use any kind of paint you like. I was just planning on painting a Billy bookcase this coming weekend! See how we made our IKEA BILLY Bookcase Library Wall. Then we gave everything 3 coats of semi-gloss white paint. White paint, color matched to the bookcase. Cut list:.

Diy Ikea Billy Bookcase Built In Bookshelves Part 2

Creating an Ikea built-in Billy bookshelf is something I have wanted to do in this room for years. I bought some broadcloth in a parisian black/creme color. What color did you use to paint and match the trim with the billy bookcase white? Full explanation and tutorial on how to turn an ordinary Billy bookcase into a custom made built-in. So inspiring! I’m hoping to do this but since I don’t already own the bookcases, I will buy white and then trim it out and only paint the trim. Laura’s Living Room: Ikea Billy Bookshelves Hack. In case you missed the reveal, you can see that here and here. We used a latex based paint that we had color-matched to one of the shelves. Hm I would probably stick with keeping the built in the color of the shelves and painting the trim and crown the dove white. Turn an IKEA Billy Bookcase into a Custom Built-in. I wanted to paint the backs of the bookcase a different color so that the finished piece would look more custom. Finally! The perfect color matched formula for IKEA white paint! Perfect for touching up those Billy bookcases and Expedit systems! www. I wanted to take a color that was in the room and I knew I wanted it dark for contrast. I love how adding paint or wallpaper allows everything placed on the shelves to stand out!. I put white painted beadboard as the backing to my billy bookcases. love it!

The Secret To Successfully Painting Ikea Shelves Reader Intelligence Report

With everything off of the walls we used left over Dover White paint from Sherwin Williams to paint the walls and ceiling. Dove White is an almost exact match to the Billy bookcases’ white color. All we had done up until now was purchase some Ikea billy bookcases, which we planned to line on the back wall. Depot with me to have them color match it to a quart of Glidden paint. They were an unfortunate white, woodgrain laminate, but they were an excellent value and provided lots of much needed storage. We also purchased two Billy bookcases to place on top of the chests of drawers. IKEA – BILLY, Bookcase, white,, Adjustable shelves can be arranged according to your needs.A simple unit can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if your needs change.

Ikea Billy Bookcase – Design photos, ideas and inspiration. Gorgeous office with beadboard walls, eclectic photo gallery, glossy white Ikea Liatorp Dining Table, Ikea rens sheepskin, glossy ebony wood floors and Ikea Billy Bookcases. Jenika Kurtz – Sweet baby girl nursery design with gray walls paint color, Ikea PS MASKROS light pendant, gray painted vinatge chest changing table, Ikea Billy Bookcase and West Elm pebble rug. This time, the challenge was to transform the Billy bookcase into something amazing. The bookcase came with a small random piece of laminate, so I took it in to Home Depot and had the friendly paint associate color match it for me. Heck we could even paint, wallpaper, or cover the foam core with fabric for a nice little customized look. And in an oh-happy-day moment, the white Dap window and trim caulk that we used turned out to be nearly identical in color to the bookcase, so it definitely obscured that ridge near the wall along with all those extra holes:. We have 2 of these same billy bookcases in our tiny master bedroom. Ikea Bookcase Garage Built-Ins FAQ. What color paint did you use? If I were going to build them now I would substitute out another Billy wall shelf for the Smadal unit.