Blank Wooden Puzzle Pieces For Wedding (DIY Project Download)

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White Blank Puzzle Pieces for a Unique Wedding Guest Book. The jigsaw puzzle wedding guest book is heart shaped and made from wood. Names and dates can be printed on the puzzle and the letters cut out as puzzle pieces. Guestbook puzzles with no image (plain wood on both sides) are also a popular choice.

blank wooden puzzle pieces for wedding 2Jigsaw2order Extra Large Blank Jigsaw Puzzle, Wedding Guest Book Puzzle, 105 18. Now I have about thirty blank pieces. I’d have saved money if I followed your advice. About my wooden jigsaw puzzles and custom wedding guest book puzzles. All of my unique puzzles are handcrafted from quality materials, with each piece cut individually. The puzzle blanks are then treated with a finish that defends against damage from moisture, UV light, and smudging.

Order plain white jigsaw puzzles with different size and number of pieces great for corporate team games or for your own hand painted or drawn design. As much as I want one of the wooden puzzles like those on etsy, I simply cannot. Anyone? Four weeks til the wedding getting desperate. Our Unique Wedding Guest Book Puzzle is a Blank White Puzzle that is absolutely HUGE and features 150 large pieces for your guests to sign. Each piece will measure approximately 2×2 inches, with a finished size of the puzzle at 20×30 inches!.

Blank Puzzle

Handcrafted jigsaw puzzles can be made to order. The puzzle size, cutting style, the number and size of pieces, and the selection of whimsies/silhouette pieces are all negotiable. For marriage proposals and guest books click here Puzzles are also used to present ideas, as advertising, in training courses, and as interactive games. Wedding Puzzle Guest Books & Fine Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles handcrafted a piece at a time. Heirloom Gifts, Wedding Receptions, & Anniversaries. Wide range of hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzle: Wedding Guest Book Puzzles, Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles, Occasional Jigsaw Puzzle, Guest Book Alternative. Our plain and simple puzzles are just that – plain and simple! Totally blank pieces will allow you to use your imagination on this. Each piece is engraved with a number on the back allowing ease of assembly and also to remind your guests which side to sign. We make our wedding guest book puzzles from -inch Baltic Birch wood imported from Russia. Each guest (or family) signs the back of one puzzle piece. If you would prefer to have a plain back select the pull down for a PLAIN BACK. Much like jenga, you can also have your guests sign wooden puzzle pieces. It is best if you use blank wooden puzzle pieces that you can pick up at a craft store or online.

Plain Blank Jigsaw Puzzles

Weddings & Anniversaries. In other words, we would need a blank durable jigsaw with pieces large enough for guests to write a message on. MGC Puzzles Creates Handmade Custom Jigsaw Puzzles, Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas and Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas!. My guest book puzzles can have as few as 25 pieces or as many as 360 pieces. Custom Wedding Guestbook Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – Unique gifts and corporate services. This Wood Puzzle World Atlas Wedding Guestbook Alternative is the perfect for your wedding day. Guest Book Alternative Blank Puzzle Pieces Unique Wedding Guestbook.

3) Use a free wedding photo sharing app to collect your guests’ photos (ahem WedPics). 200 Piece Wood Puzzle Wedding Guest Book, Rustic Wedding Guest Books, Personalized Wedding Guest Books, Vintage Wedding Ideas. 104 Piece NUMBERED White Blank Puzzle Pieces for Wedding Guest Book Puzzle 104 Pieces NUMBERED. Custom 10-140 piece WOOD Puzzle Guest Book by BellaPuzzlesToo.