Blum Drawer Slide Installation Instructions (DIY Project Download)

TANDEM plus BLUMOTION runners. Installation instruction. As a result installation of blum undermount drawer slides is fast and easy. The instruction manual details the exact size and location of the gap. CLICK HERE FOR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Scroll to the bottom of the page for measuring instruction.

blum drawer slide installation instructions 2What about Installation Instructions? Blum’s Standard Duty Tandem Plus Blumotion full extension concealed drawer slides. For each drawer you are installing, order one pair of drawer runners, one Left Hand Locking Device (SKU 701028), one Right Hand Locking Device (SKU 701030) and two Rear Mounting Brackets (SKU 701014) (Rear Mounting Brackets are not necessary for frameless cabinet installation). They were pretty much the same price as a standard drawer slide set, but you get the drawer SIDES out of the deal too. NOTE: You’ll want to measure your openings first and the depth of your drawers to figure exactly what slides you will need – Blum has tons of information here. Then we followed the instructions provided with the slides to cut the bottom out of 1/2 hardwood plywood. To install Blum Tandem drawer slides, the underside of each drawer box must be drilled with six precisely-aligned holes. The jig template provides a reliable guide for drilling all six holes when placed in the positions provided on the included instructions.

Pros discuss drawer slide preferences and installation details. March 17, 2005. A top of the line slide from Blum is the Tandem undermount slide. Find the largest offer in Tandem Slides like 560H Concealed Full-Extension Drawer Runners – 560H5500B at Richelieu. Concealed full-extension Tandem drawer runners with integrated Blumotion option for soft and silent closing. 30 kg (66 lb) load capacity. Brand, Blum. I’m using blum undermount 562H drawer slides for the first time. The Blum installation instructions indicate that the drawer box (minus the front) should be proud of the face frame by 1/32.

Tandem Plus Drawer Slides By Blum

blum drawer slide installation instructions 3TANDEM plus BLUMOTION 563H installation instructions (Size: 1.6 MB). I went with Blum blumotion glides, so I need to build all new drawer boxes. The instructions indicate a 4mm setback (for the runner) from the cabinet front (euro style).

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