Blum Drawer Slide Jig (DIY Project Download)

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The Rockler Undermount Drawer Slide Jig is specifically designed for installing Blum Tandem totally concealed drawer slides in the interior of your cabinet. The jig features a total of six powerful rare earth magnets that hold the slide securely as you drive the screws. I just bought 12 sets of the 562 undermount tandem’s with the blue motion for kitchen I am starting to build. They make 2 different jigs one to drill the drawer box and one for installing in the cabinet plus kreg makes a jig. What’s new at Blum. AVENTOS HK-XS. High quality in a convenient package. More. LEGRABOX. LEGRABOX is extraordinary in both design and performance. More. TANDEM plus BLUMOTION. The next generation of TANDEM plus BLUMOTION.

blum drawer slide jig 2Find the largest offer in Tools and Jigs for BLUM Slides at, the one stop shop for woodworking industry. Drawer Assembly Machine – BOXFIX P. Installing Blum Tandem totally enclosed drawer slides in the interior of cabinets should be easier with Rockler’s new Undermount Drawer Slide Jig (item 57268). It features three rare-earth magnets on each side of the jig to hold the slide securely as you drive its installation screws. Ways to speed up and standardize the layout and attachment of undermount drawer slides. Question I’ve been using a fairly cumbersome freehand method of installing Blum tandem undermount slides, as it seems that most installation jigs are for side-mount runners.

One of the largest, most well-known makers of undermount drawer slides is the Austrian company blum. Over the years their Tandem drawer system has built a reputation for quality and ease of installation. The blum drilling jig can be used to perfectly locate the screw holes for the locking device. Blum sells several different types of locking device. Blum’s concealed drawer slides mount directly underneath the drawer showing off the craftsmanship of construction, in particular dovetailed joints, instead of compromising their appearances with bulky hardware. The BLUM Tandem Slide Installation Template makes slide installation easier. BLUM MINIFIX JIG 65.3300 FOR DRAWER SLIDES in Home & Garden, Home Improvement, Building & Hardware eBay.

Tools And Jigs For Blum Slides

blum drawer slide jig 3Blum 65.3300 Minifix Installation Jig for Metabox Drawer Slides. BLUM MINIFIX DRAWER SLIDE JIG-blum MINIFIX JIG COMES WITH INSTRUCTIONS JIG FOR INSTALLING BLUM 230, KV 1805 AND OTHER SIMILAR DRAWER SLIDES. Every time I install these Blum drawer runners I have to look up the installation guide, FIND the section on notching and boring for the drawer runner and then translate the metric measurements into imperial so my brain will recognize what the instructions are telling me to do. Most people have a pocket hole jig so that’s what I’m using for this tutorial. Blum has produced a line of drilling machines, assembly rigs and clever jigs, along with CG videos, that tradesfolk can use to get everything together. Blum Minifix jig is used to install Blum 230M and Metabox cabinet members in a frameless application. Shop for Rok Hardware Blum MINIFIX Jig Drawer Slide Gun for Drawer Runners. Free Shipping on orders over 45 at – Your Online Home Improvement Shop! Get 5 in rewards with Club O!

Understanding Blum Undermount Drawer Slides

It has 4 rare earth magnets with steel cups which give each magnet around 27 lbs. of holding power allowing you the option to clamp the jig to the face of the cabinet or use it free hand. Blum Tandem Concealed Full Extension Drawer Slides Smooth action, with nothing to hide your craftsmanship For use with 5/8 stock only Blum’s new top-of-the-line TANDEM drawer runners let you show off your drawer joinery, because they are completely concealed beneath the box. BLUM MINIFIX JIG 65.3300 FOR Blum and KV EPOXY DRAWER SLIDES & BLUM METABOX in Home, Furniture & DIY, DIY Materials, Cabinets & Cabinet Hardware eBay. I went with Blum blumotion glides, so I need to build all new drawer boxes. I have built a test drawer to ensure I have all the drawer measurements correct. For a lower cost solution to the rockler jig, just use a piece of scrap ply to use as a spacer from the bottom of the cabinet. If I have a stack of drawers to put in, I start at the top and cut the same spacer down as I install the lower drawer runners.