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Hi guys. if I have a combi boiler in a cupboard, does the cupboard need a vent in it?? When an open flued appliance is in a cupboard or compartments it will need high and low ventilation. Both the high and low ventilation should be taken from the same source, if it is direct to outside in will need 5cm per kw for the high level vent and 10cm per KW for the low level vent. I think it’s quite normal for boiler cupboards to need ventilation. apart from anything else to stop it getting too hot in there. Combi boilers are usually room sealed (I.e. will only draw air in from outside and will only vent to outside) so unless there’s an issue due to the cupboard being too hot then why do you need them?.

boiler ventilation in cupboard 2I have a Vaillant gas boiler in a cupboard under the stairs. The boiler has a flue pipe going through the wall to the outside and there are two louvred vents in the cupboard (fire) door, which opens onto the hall. Yes ventilation is essential to ensure the boiler has enough air to burn the gas correctly. Lack of ventilation or reduced ventilation would result in the boiler producing Carbon Monoxide which could kill you!. I have a ground floor flat with a combi boiler in a cupboard in a rear bedroom ventilated to an outside wall. The boiler is currently in a cupboard with slatted louvre doors. My intention is to build. I had another look at the Building Regs and in particular Part J here (pdf).

Is this true and does this mean room sealed unit could be placed in an enclosed cupboard (such as my airing cupboard) with no access to natural ventilation (such as a window). The airing cupboard is off the landing. With a depth of only 285 mm (340 mm on the 35 kW model) the compact Vitodens 100-W Open vent boiler is perfectly suited for integration into standard kitchen cupboards. It can also be used in a vast number of other applications where there is only limited space available. When did the building regulations change regarding the locating of non condensing boilers in kitchen cupboards?

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boiler ventilation in cupboard 3The online manual I found says it’s a ‘room-sealed fan-flued boiler, consequently it does not require a permanent air vent for combustionair supply’ whatever that means.. It’s in a wee cupboard (approx 2m high by 1m wide) and the previous owners went for an ‘open plan’ cupboard ie a massive hole in the wall and no door. Hi all I have a combi-boiler and want a cupboard built around it (boxed in). Some tradesmen say it needs ventilation, others not. As I have a British Gas Home Care contract for the boiler I’m wondering if there are going to be any issues. Can someone tell me where I find out the required size for the vents in the door when a combi boiler is installed in a cupboard with a closing door? If its specified anywhere, it will be in the installation manual for the boiler. 94/02479/PI Roof timbers re-aligned,ventilation to bedroom boiler cupboard,pipes in attic to be supported,wood lined ceiling in kitchen,glazed kitchen door,windows 12 Colinton Mains Road Edinburgh EH13 9AW. Track Print Details. Essentially, a condensing or High Efficiency boiler can be a combi, system or open vent boiler. A system boiler (sometimes known as a ‘sealed system’) provides central heating and hot water via a storage cylinder housed in an airing cupboard – no need for water tanks in the loft, as with an open vent boiler. It’s been professionally serviced several times and I feel sure the engineer would have said if there were any issues about the cupboard before now. Looks like the window vent is just a relic from the days of the previous boiler, and not required now.

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B&B bedroom I came across a LPG central heating/water boiler located in a cupboard directly behind the entrance door. The boiler is of the balanced flue type vented to open air and located in an enclosure made of 9mm plaster board on studs, sadley with some gaps on the inside, the door is a standard domestic one with two vents allowing air circulation back into the bedroom.