Bond Energy Table Kj/mol (DIY Project Download)

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Chemistry by Zumdahl (5th ed.) Table 8.4 on page 373. The bond dissociation enthalpy for the H-Cl bond is +432 kJ mol-1. In fact, tables of bond enthalpies give average values in another sense as well, particularly in organic chemistry. In chemistry, bond-dissociation energy (BDE) or D0, is one measure of the strength in a chemical bond. Hydrogen bond-dissociation energy in water is about 23 kJ/mol. The data tabulated above shows how bond strengths vary over the periodic table.

bond dissociation energy table 2You can look up bond energy tables to find out how much energy, on average, is required to break any given bond. Total energy required for bond breaking +872 +498 1370 kJ/mol. 2 (HCl). The table below shows the bond energies relevant to this reaction. Energy change in out 679 864 185 kJ/mole. This WebElements periodic table page contains properties of compounds for the element palladium. The bond energy in the gaseous diatomic species PdPd is 100 15 kJ mol-1.

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