Bookcase Trim Ideas (DIY Project Download)

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Sometimes, even the best joinery skills don’t make a project look finished. If your bookcase is lacking the detail you want, you can use wood trim to dress it up, cover a seam or help it match. Even though this bookcase is unfinished and bare, it features a strong profile and architectural details like crown molding and fluted trim, making it a perfect candidate for a makeover. How to Build a Bookcase Fill a nook and display tomes and tchotchkes with easy-to-assemble built-ins. Hold the trim over a bookcase leg, tight against the wall. Great Dinner Ideas.

bookcase trim ideas 2Built in billy bookcase ideas. Green Notebook added built-in Billys on either side of her living room and used glossy black trim to trim it out. I am building a bookcase on a wall that has a 6′ door to outside. I want to have a bookcase on each side and ‘transom’ bookcase that spans the top of the door. How to add molding to plain bookcases. What a great idea! Many different types, styles, and materials of moldings and trim are available and most are relatively easy for do-it-yourself to install.

I photographed these later in the day than expected, but you get the idea. I have always been a fan of custom built-in bookcases but have been intimated by their price and the skill required to create them. There are so many other trim jobs around my house I can’t wait to tackle. Receive Special Offers and Project Ideas. Today I’d like to bring you the top 10 creative ideas for Ikea Billy hacks. IKEA BILLY bookshelves by modifing and adding trim and lighting.

Den Project: Built In Billy Bookcase Ideas

Usually you cut away the base trim when you want something flush against a wall, but Laura wanted to keep the over-100-year-old trim in tact, in case the built-in was ever removed. Love the idea of assembling the three IKEA bookshelves! Stain or paint that old bookshelf for a new look, choose the right style for a new bookcase, or get decorating ideas for bookshelves from The DIY bookshelves add much needed shelf space and visual appeal to this simple home office makeover. Below are the plans Steve drew up after we looked at ideas and brainstormed what would work for our space. I could purchase some Ikea bookshelves that had drawers and alter them to become a custom built-in (I ve noticed other people have done similar things so I m definitely not the first to think of this). Then we removed the quarter round and some of the base trim from the floor in the alcove. I have an alcove similar to yours, and you’ve given me some great ideas. I am seeking ideas on built-in bookshelves in a new construction room in our 1863 built house. I’ve done the rest of the finishing trim in the house, and Ive done the wood floors in the whole house. It seems like everyone has at least one old bookcase taking up space in the garage. You resist getting rid of it because you know you ll have a use for it one of these days.

Billy In The Bedroom

The middle section can be framed forward during construction of the new home, or completed after construction with a little interior trim and framing skill. Let’s say you wanted a solid oak bookcase but didn’t have the four to six hundred bucks a retail store would want for one. You can achieve the same effect for less than half the cost, using a bit of solid oak trim and some veneered ply. Also, going over them with a scraper to take out the swirl marks is a good idea. Another way to add formality to your office is by adding flourish to the bookcase trim. With a few hundred cork tops, some chalk paint and some wood trim you can make.