Bookshelf Organizing Ideas (DIY Project Download)

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Beyond the obvious purpose that bookshelves serve (ahem, holding books), they also allow you to display art and organize all those not-sure-where-to-put-them items. Bookshelves do double duty as storage space for books and display space for accessories. Add woven baskets and decorative storage boxes to easily organize magazines and maintain a clean look. Next Slideshow Ideas for Floating Shelves Ideas for Floating Shelves. How to arrange bookshelves and how to organize books on a shelf, like painting ideas, organizational strategies, displaying collections, and more.

bookshelf organizing ideas 2My own bookshelves (even though they are color-coded) are completely functional. I think organizing by color is actually a GREAT idea! Curb Appeal Ideas: 8 Design Tricks for a Prettier Home Exterior. I gathered a selection of good ideas from these past posts into this one; a bit of a spring cleaning primer on getting your bookshelves in order, once and for all….

You can arrange them chromatically across a whole bookshelf or arrange them in color blocks. If someone says, The Great Gatsby, and you think, junior year of high school! Or if you think about Neruda’s poems and immediately remember reading them during a particular relationship you had in 2003, then this could be a cool way to organize your books. I don’t get why people are so horrified at the idea of arranging books by color. Lasairfiona said: I am sure many of you have seen the rainbow bookshelf but it got me thinking: what are some of the ways to organiz. I am enjoying all these ideas on organizing books. 6 Organizing Hacks That Make Your Bookshelf Look Like A Work of Art. It’s a good idea to think about mixing up the shapes and sizes of your bins so it doesn’t feel like a shelf at the Container Store it looks like your lovely home.

Styling A Bookshelf: 10 Homes That Get It Right

bookshelf organizing ideas 3Its probably been a while since you freshened up the look and feel of your bookshelf. Here are three bookshelf organizing ideas. Organize your bookshelves in style with these tricks for making them both balanced and beautiful. Any taller and you might consider transferring overflow to a nearby bookshelf. The most obvious way to organize books is on a bookshelf. However, consider some out-of-the-box ideas that may work for your family: canvas book cases, wood cubbies, plastic baskets for small books, or an empty dollhouse. As we cover organization this month, who could forget about all our books? Our dear friend Tina in her Wallflower column on SF Gate rounds up some inspirat. Take a look at our 10 best ideas for organizing your shoes and see how they can help you to keep your shoe collection neat and tidy. If you have room to build in the bookshelf in the closet, great.

9 Ways To Organize Books: Which Is Your Style?

Via Tumblr I’m a little obsessed with organization. There’s a place for everything in my apartment. In honor of Get Organized Week, here are seven different ways to organize your bookshelves. Take advantage of proudly putting your books on display. Stroup Tristao. The color idea sounds fun! Read More: Bookshelf Organizing, Bookshelf Organizing Tips, Bookshelfie, Bookshelves, Book Shelfie, Bookshelf Ideas, Bookshelf, Shelfie, Books News. 7 Great Bookshelf Ideas From DesignSponge. Decorating ideas to clear the clutter and create a stylish book display. Here are three ways to organize a bookshelf. Here are some of my favorite bookcase and bookshelf ideas. Attach hardware to the outside of a bookcase, such as a coat hook, for added organizing features for things such as aprons, embroidery hoops, or reading sweaters.

I have compiled 100 ways you can organize your whole house using items from the dollar store. Plastic Bin Bookshelf 8.