Box Cutter 9/11 (DIY Project Download)

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The box cutter-knives story isn’t demonstrably false, but it serves to divert attention from the other weapons and to mask the fact that we don’t have any idea how the hijackings happened. I came across this wickedly dry bit of conspiracy analysis from 2003 recently and really enjoyed it. Since the author offered it freely for reproduction (with credit given) I thought it would be wo. A manual written by the airline industry years before the Sept. 11 attacks instructed airport screeners to confiscate from passengers boxcutters like those used by the hijackers, documents show.

box cutter 9/11 2Question: In response to questions about the advance warning President Bush received from the CIA concerning a possible hijacking plot, his press spokesman Ari Fleischer (identified by the New York Times as the anonymous & 147;senior administration official) replied in his daily press briefing on May 15th, 2002: The administration, based on hijackings, notified the appropriate agencies and, I think, that’s one of the reasons that you saw that the people who committed the 9-11 attacks used box cutters and plastic knives to get around America’s system of protecting against hijackings. Well, I would sometimes carry a 3-inch pocketknife on the plane before 9/11 with no trouble, so a box cutter might have passed inspection. Devo co-founder Jerry Casale is in damage control mode after photographs from his wedding reception were leaked to TMZ showing the newlyweds posing with a 9/11-themed Twin Towers cake and boxcutters used as place cards.

Fact 2: Guests got real box cutters as party favors. 3,000 people killed on 9/11 because of BOX CUTTERS! Guests also received box cutters as wedding favors.

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box cutter 9/11 3Cutting itself out of this final box, the utility knife slashed its way out of the 20th century, never to return. Yes, the term box cutter had new meaning after 9/11. Full details of the alleged 9/11 hijackers. The story that the hijackers used box-cutters and plastic knives in the attack on the World Trade Center is a functional fictoid. Report: TSA Missed Box Cutters, Scissors in Screenings. Tags walmart bb pellets razer box cutter blades shrapnel bomb explosive. Box Cutter Pre 9-11, Julie Irwin, a college student is kidnapped by an Al Qaeda in Livres, BD, revues, Livres anciens, recherchs eBay.

Devo Co-founder Serves Guests Wedding Cake, Box Cutters: Gothamist