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Breaking Bad has developed a bit of a tradition of wild, inexplicably weird opening images for its three seasons. Season one: Dead guys in a Winnebago, half-naked gas-masked gun-toting Walter. Box Cutter is everything a Breaking Bad episode should be. Another masterclass of tension as Walt awaits Guss counter-move.

box cutter breaking bad review 2The ‘Breaking Bad’ season 4 premiere, ‘Box Cutter’, was a thrilling and nightmarish return to Walter White’s world. Read our review and share your thoughts on the episode. Synopsis: Victor arrives to see Gale’s dead body and finds Jesse nearby in his car. He brings Jesse back to the lab and they wait with Mike and Walt for Gus’ arrival. Spoiled Bastard: ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 4 Premiere: ‘Box Cutter’. In fact I spent most of my review of the Season 4 premiere getting into just how ballsy creator Vince Gilligan has been from the start and how that loyalty to story will bring Breaking Bad to an end sooner rather than later (he’s now on record as saying five seasons will be it).

Breaking Bad’s spectacular third season ended with Walt in the clutches of drug kingpin Gus’s lackeys and Jesse pointing a gun at the face of that Birkenstock-wearing, tea-swilling chemistry nerd. Breaking Bad is going to be an interesting experiment to review for the simple fact that a lot less stuff happens during the course of the hour than with those other shows. In complete silence he suits up in a rubber lab gear, grabs a box cutter and slits Latino/Asian henchman’s throat right in from of Walter and Jesse, minutes after it was revealed he too could follow the cooking steps if he needed to. This episode chooses to work through the problems created after a seemingly dooming season finale, and in true Breaking Bad style, it does so in ways you’d never expect.

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box cutter breaking bad review 3A page for describing Recap: Breaking Bad S 4 E 1 Box Cutter. The Cold Open is a flashback to when Gus, Gale and Victor were setting up the super lab.

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