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An assailant wearing medical garb and wielding a box cutter attacked a 16-year-old girl who was walking to school in Queens on Wednesday morning, the police said. Following the September 11th attack, government authorities declared that the weapons used to hijack the planes that crashed into World Trade Center were plastic knives and box cutters. The story about plastic knives and box cutters, implements which passengers then were not legally restricted from bring through security checkpoints at airports, was relentlessly drummed into the public’s mind by two of the highest officials in the government. JEFFERSON COUNTY (KATV) The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating their first homicide of 2016 after a woman was taken off life support and died from injuries she received during a domestic incident with her husband. Responding deputies found Jane O’Quin on the kitchen floor, covered in blood, with multiple lacerations to her upper body.

box cutter knife attack 2Police are examining a utility knife for DNA as they hunt for the man who slashed a Chinese exchange student. Cops checking DNA on utility knife in hunt for Queens slasher who attacked Chinese exchange student. A teacher has been stabbed with a box cutter on Monday, 14 IS-inspired box cutter attack wounds teacher in Paris suburb. A knife attack in the London Underground earlier this month wounded two people in what is being treated as a terror attack.

Man arrested after two women attacked with box cutter in Yuen Long. Last October, schoolchildren and passers-by fled in terror as a discharged psychiatric patient carrying two knives attacked and injured two pedestrians outside Western police station. Police said the attacker cut two students with a box-cutting razor knife after boarding the bus. A man in his 30s was critically injured in a box-cutter attack late Saturday night.

Cops On Hunt For Queens Slasher, Look For Dna On Knife

Related to Box-cutter: Utility knife, Stanley knife utility knife. Following the attack by men with a box-cutter, the 16-year-old girl jumped out of the fourth floor window at her home in Trappes, Paris. Nearly a week after the attack, she still can’t eat solid food. Then out of nowhere, without saying a word, he cut her twice from ear to throat with a box cutter. TEMPE — A man who attacked his wife with a box cutter and a kitchen knife was sentenced to 21 years in prison. On Feb. 7, 2009, Tempe police arrested Paul Robledo, 32, after he stabbed his wife in the throat and stomach. 45am when a man reportedly started attacking them with a box cutter knife, apparently for no reason. Apple Daily reports that the man then fled the scene. However, a woman who witnessed the attack reportedly followed him surreptitiously while contacting the police, resulting in officers arresting the man at Long Ping Estate, around 600 metres away from the book shop. Asian woman holding a yellow box cutter knife. Attack, background, box cutter, concept, cutter, dangerous, female, finger, gesture, gestures, gesturing, girl, hand, hands, high, index, isolated, kill, knife, people, person, point, pointing, points, risk, showing, sign, signs, single, studio, success, symbol, symbols, thumbs, up, view, weapon, white, woman, women. The box cutter-knives story isn’t demonstrably false, but it serves to divert attention from the other weapons and to mask the fact that we don’t have any idea how the hijackings happened.

Man Arrested After Two Women Attacked With Box Cutter In Yuen Long

He said his alleged attacker was unarmed but used makeshift weapons he found in the school including scissors and a box cutter. A 21-year-old man is sentenced to six-and-a-half years’ jail for breaking into a Perth house and repeatedly stabbing the homeowner with a box cutter when he tried to stop the burglary. Two people are recovering being attacked with a box cutter early Thursday morning in Franklinton. The ‘victim’ said he had been stabbed in the neck and stomach with a pair of scissors and a box-cutter knife early on Monday morning. He was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

2 Slashed With Box Cutter on Subway in Brooklyn: Police. Police said the 29-year-old suspect used a box-cutter to slash the two victims on a Manhattan-bound train shortly before 3:30 p.m. He didn’t say a word before he attacked the riders, whom he did not know, and then he ran from the subway stop, dropping the box cutter on the platform, police said. Knife attacks refer to a knife in motion; the assailant with knife in hand is actually in motion and attacking you. Cutting itself out of this final box, the utility knife slashed its way out of the 20th century, never to return. Boston woman facing charges after box cutter attack. Officers used a battering ram to gain access to the room, and found the woman holding a thin, serrated blade in her right hand, according to police.