Box Cutter Safety Tips (DIY Project Download)

Best practices and safety tips when using a box cutter or box knife. Box Cutter and Knife Safety: It’s Never a Bad Time to Educate These Best Practices. 7 Quick Tips to Use Box Cutters and Knives More Safely Today. A utility knife is a small, lightweight knife that is used for cutting through cardboard, opening boxes, cutting ropes and in craft work.

box cutter safety tips 2Slice Auto-Retractable Box Cutter with patented Slice ceramic safety blade reduces injuries and lowers costs. Includes one (1) patented Slice ceramic safety blade with safer rounded tips. These box cutter safety tips will ensure you know what types of box cutters to use, how to use them effectively, and how to protect yourself and fellow employees. Safety Knives for Cutting Boxes and Cartons. A variety of box cutters with safety features that prevent workplace injuries. Martor Megasafe Safety Knife with Retractable Safety Blade, Aluminum, Blunt Tip. Price: 28.99.

Be sure that other people in the area are at a safe distance before you cut into the shrink wrap, tape, carton, etc. First aid (in case something happens despite your precautions):. Easy Cut 2000 features include a patented radius-tip blade and multiple blade-depth settings for precise, safe cutting; Buy Pacific Safety 3-Position Box-Cutter at

Cutters And Safety Knives

box cutter safety tips 3Shop for Box Cutters at Grainger. Category: Safety Utility Knives. Die Cast Metal Knife Material, Orange, Heavy Duty Round Tip Blade. Best practices and safety tips when using a box cutter or box knife. MartorUSA.Com has the best Box cutters online including utility knives, safety box cutters, cardboard box cutters, light weight box cutters & more. This Box Cutter Safety Training Video will show employees the proper way of using box cutters to help them avoid unnecessary accidents. The object of this instructable is to, while creating or doing projects, is to think about safety while using tools. I have singled out cutting, because I am currently slicing a lot of vinyl in projects and thought it would be an opportune time to show some safety tips and and inexpensive cutter guides for blades, that can be made on the cheap.

Box Cutter Safety