Box Cutter Safety Training (DIY Project Download)

A box cutter, a cardboard and a retail worker walk into a warehouse No, we haven’t started telling jokes, but we do have some tips about box cutter safety. However, companies should ensure a safe environment and workers should be trained properly before handed cutting tools. Box cutter safety training DVDs covering knife maintenance and inspection, blade changing & disposal, proper usage & handling, & more. Box Cutter and Knife Safety: It’s Never a Bad Time to Educate These Best Practices. Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to have the proper first-aid supplies on hand and meet worker training requirements.

box cutter safety training 2There are many varieties of box cutters. Box cutter injuries are not caused by the type of box cutter, but by the lack of attention and training of the individual. Box cutter and utility knife accidents in the workplace are carefully examined to reveal causes as well as precautionary steps in this safety training video. Learn more about the DVD – Box Cutter Safety. Safety Training Network offers a large selection of workplace safety training programs for Retail Safety.

We explain the importance of box cutter safety training and introduce the Klever safety knife. Best practices in working with box cutters, utility knives and related equipment can prevent injuries. Box cutter and Utility Knife Safety Training Online provides information about these best practices and related information. Product Line: Digital-2000’s Grocers Safety Videos. ) There are hundreds of varieties of box cutters on the market, but to tell you the truth, box cutter injuries aren’t caused by the type of cutter used, but by the inattention or lack of training of the individual using the box cutter.

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music box theater chicago parking 3Utilizing Box Cutter University, safety departments, trainers and human resources can quickly administer training for new hires, existing associates and identify weaknesses in their safety cutting programs through content examinations. Safety Training. Spellbound Extra Safe Utility knife Box Cutter – XS-CU. This CrewSafe X-tra Safe XS-CU Safety Utility Knife Safety Cutter is a great solution to prevent cuts in the workplace.

Box Cutter Safety Training With The Klever Koncept Safety Knife