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The first episode of season 4 gus killed the guard with a box cutter. Also is the fact that Vincent showed up at Gales murder scene and someone might could identify him even though he said he was just another looky loo. After spending more than a year wondering, Breaking Bad viewers had that question answered by the AMC thriller’s Season 4 premiere. Giancarlo Esposito Reacts to the Premiere’s Most Gruesome Scene. Gus suddenly and brutally used a box cutter to slit the throat of his assistant Victor (Jeremiah Bitsui), who was seen by onlookers while recovering Jesse from the crime scene at Gale’s house. In Breaking Bad season 4 episode 1 Box cutter, Gus kills Victor. 1 Well exactly, Victor is now a major liability, he’s been spotted at Gale’s murder crime scene, plus the fact he’s picked up Walt’s cook recipe (or enough of it) gives him some major leverage if he gets caught and decides to bargain: Walt and Gus are cooking the blue meth, I know cause here’s how they do it.

box cutter scene breaking bad 2The Top 100 Moments of Breaking Bad. Season 4, Episode 1 (Box Cutter). So when Vince Gilligan submitted a 10-minute scene with (essentially) zero discourse, it had to make his bosses at AMC a little trepidatious. Take a look at enforcer Mike Ehrmantraut during that scene as he frantically tries to figure out whether to point his gun at Gus or Victor and you’ll see that he got that message loud and clear. I agree Gus killed Victor because he was seen at the crime scene but he also did it in front of them in a very graphic manner, sending a crystal clear message to both Walt and Jesse.

I think the most chilling part of this episode is how Gus doesn’t say a word during his box cutter scene. SpoilerI Don’t Get Something About the Infamous Gus Boxcutter Scene. However, we as an audience have become familiar with the shedding of blood on Breaking Bad, and the murders and killings that take place have less of a sting as they did when the show first began.

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Billie Doux reviews ‘Box Cutter’, an episode of the TV series ‘Breaking Bad’. In the Denny’s scene, Walt and Jesse were wearing brown Kenny Rogers tee shirts, which I assume was a reference to their monstrous gamble. Season premiere review: ‘Breaking Bad’ – ‘Box Cutter’: The waiting is the hardest part. Instead, it’s another Breaking Bad flashback-as-short-story, as we get the origin of the Super Lab, as well as Gus’s reason for hiring Walt, with the entire scene laced with dread as Gale slowly but surely talks his way into the grave with his insistence that Gus needs to employ the man who makes the blue meth. In this flashback scene, Gale is giddy. ‘Breaking Bad’ season 4 premiere recap, ‘Box Cutter’: He is the danger. Skyler breaking bad in baby steps. Read on to find out what went down in this week’s episode of Breaking Bad. In an interesting opening scene, we see Gale during a flashback. He’s in the lab un-boxing what looks to be new equipment. BUT, a lot of what Walt says in this scene is almost nonsense. Some of it physically pains me to listen to. Songs with scene descriptions from episode 1: Box Cutter from Breaking Bad Season 4. Listen to previews, get music and ask experts.

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News: Premiere Episode Influenced By Breaking Bad Box Cutter Scene. To pick just one: Hank is now mostly paralyzed because he was targeted by assassins sent to kill Walt as a vendetta on behalf of their dead cousin, who kidnapped Walt and Jesse after they started making waves in the local drug scene. Next Tweet from user. Life Pro Media BestProMedia 18 Jun 2013. Breaking Bad’s infamous Box Cutter scene took 26 shots to film. 30 retweets 43 likes.