Box Document Control (DIY Project Download)

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Upload documents and media, organize your content, view files instantly, share content securely with Box. Stanford provides basic document management and collaboration through Box. EtQ’s Document Control Software Systems allows you to manage the creation, approval, & distribution of various document types wihout additional programming.

box document control 2To add a check box content control to the document, you must create a ContentControl object programmatically. For more information, see Content Controls. Edit Document Control Extended Properties dialog box. Use this dialog box to edit synchronization settings and create and edit document control extended properties. When you add a content control to a document, the control is identified by a border, a title, and temporary text that can provide instructions to the user. Unlike a drop-down list, the combo box enables users to add their own items.

English-Hebrew Translation for Document Control menu box – online dictionary A content control for a picture and its Properties dialog box. The default is Bounding Box, which is a large box around the control; the alternatives are Start/End Tag, which displays graphical brackets around the field, and None, which makes the field content look like regular text or graphics in the document. On the Performance tab, the control of the current document, that is, for example, load balancing, preloading, concurrent session access, and audit logging, can be managed. To choose a maximum number of concurrent sessions towards the current document, enter the desired number in this text box.

How To: Add Content Controls To Word Documents

box document security 3So, we recently partnered with Box to allow you to seamlessly choose Box files and add them to the relevant work in Asana.